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  1. seniorscuba1

    Large crock storage jar

    Hi, I found this scuba diving , the day I found it we had just had a nasty storm and it was like diving in a mud puddle it had me seeing length of your arm. After searching back and forth a few times and not seeing very much I was about to call it quits when I put my hand down next to what I...
  2. seniorscuba1

    stormy find

    Hi this is another find, from an American ship which wrecked near the entrance Halifax Harbour in a fog do to Compass error in 1915. The vessel was called the aw Perry a coastal steamer which ran General Goods and people between Boston and Halifax it's a beautiful dive when the weather is...
  3. seniorscuba1

    winter find

    Hi I found this lade one cold Winter's day in North west Arm , we were driving off an old concrete pier . we dive here in the winter time and the late fall because the Northwest arm is so full of pleasure boats and sailboats it's not safe to be underwater I've been near missed a couple of...
  4. seniorscuba1

    dating bottles

    Hi it never ceases to amaze me when I come upon thousands of tons of Twisted mangled iron that used to be a ship and now after Century or so is Twisted iron between being salvaged and the power of the ocean it doesn't leave much but every now and then you find a glass bottle in the middle of...
  5. seniorscuba1

    beer bottles or what ?

    Hello , I found these two bottles on the Shipwreck called The S>S Salerno. A cargo ship built in built in Britain 1884 and launched as the Lincoln City, it went through a few names until finally ending up with Salerno is it was known when she struck a reef while leaving Halifax Harbour in July...
  6. seniorscuba1

    Turlington bottles

    hi does anyone have any information on Robert Turlington bottles? They are about 2 in tall and written on one bottle I have it says Robert Turlington for his invented balsam of life, on the other side is written by the king's Royal patent. What I found out is that the medicine bottle...
  7. seniorscuba1

    Musket balls and canister shot

    hi Found these at the bottom of a slope near the wreckage of a warship that wrecker trying to enter Halifax Harbor in 1797 . I was fanning away some sandy materiel nd the musket balls rolled out of the sand the larger one is a cannister shot loaded in a cannon about a dozen of these balls...
  8. seniorscuba1

    Dead eye

    Howdy, I found this dead eye on the back of an old brig that wrecked in a storm while trying to seek shelter behind a large island unfortunately the ship ran up on a reef and was completely destroyed . It happened in 1911 the ship was named the Petra
  9. seniorscuba1

    Codd Stoppers

    Hello here are a couple of codd stopper bottles I found scuba diving a few years ago. they're intact both have the marble still in them
  10. seniorscuba1

    Brass valves

    Hi picked these up I'm an old cargo ship that wrecked near Peggy's Cove in the 1970s. The wreck was pretty smash.ed up , I found these valves under parts and pieces of wreckage. with the help a friend of mine we cleaned them up and mounted them . I believe their pneumatic valves that...
  11. seniorscuba1

    Near Miss

    Hi I found this many years ago driving in this site Which at the turn of the 20th century was an old scrap yard used to cut up old boats and Allot of other things. we can't get to it from Shore the land around the site now has $500,000 homes on it and they don't want some old divers tramping...
  12. seniorscuba1


    Hi, imagine the skipper surprised when coming into a wharf put in Reverse to slow down and this flies off.. I bet you it made docking the boat some fun.
  13. seniorscuba1

    a few black glass bottles bottles

    Hi here's an assortment of my black glass bottle collection and one of my case gin bottles
  14. seniorscuba1

    my best find an old wooden tug

    Hi many years ago( at the time my son was 1 year old now he's 40) we had hired a local work boat to take the group from my dive Club out on a Sunday of diving. unfortunately as we got how to the Harbour mouth to dive a couple of wrecks it was way too rough so somewhat disappointed did...
  15. seniorscuba1

    medicine bottle

    Hello I found this medicine bottle diving around the remains have an old Wharf that has long since rotted away ,poking around there on a cold and wet autumn day( it doesn't rain underwater) I came up with this it says Potter drug and and Chemical Corporation Boston Mass USA on one side and on...
  16. seniorscuba1

    do you see what I see

    Hi I was dragging an under camera with me and I saw the item pictured . can you pick it out ??
  17. seniorscuba1

    rope block center

    Hi ; I found this diving in a fishing village not far from where I live this harbor has been settled since the mid 1700's . the rope block center dates from the around 1840

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