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  1. oldbtlesfamily23

    Port Royal Dark Black Green Ale/wine?

    Need help identifying old bottle dug up in Port Royal. Dark Black Green, looks handmade, bottom is uneven, bottle has lots of bubbles! The top/mouth has either been broken or cut off with a sword. Dark Black Green ale or wine bottle. (Remnants of barnacles on the bottom of the bottle, there are...
  2. oldbtlesfamily23

    Gasoline, Apothecary bottle

    I purchased this bottle on EBay about a year or so ago. I had recently watched a show on the history channel that mentioned how gasoline was sold prior to the availability of gas stations. I had never seen a bottle like this so I purchased it. I did find some info on Wikipedia on the mention...
  3. oldbtlesfamily23

    Eby Chemical Co, Ecco Hygienic Powder bottle

    I purchased this bottle on EBay about 10 years ago that was part of a lot of bottles that had qualities which I found unique. I put them in my cabinet and forgot about them until now, I'm retired. I have not been able to find another bottle that has the same information on the labels and top...
  4. oldbtlesfamily23

    Lawrance Internal screw top bottle

    A friend from Massachusetts gave this bottle to me as a gift about 25 years ago. I haven't been able to find any information on it other than the screw tops were vulcanized. This top says 'Jaycon'.

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