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    Yellow Drake's added to the collection

    Wow, been a very long time since I have been back to ABN! Like many I started way back when it was the blue pages and have migrated to the FB pages. Great to see the site going well! I wanted to share a SHARP & fantastic colored Drake's that I added to my collection earlier this year :D This...
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    WANTED: Whiskey Flasks

    Hey all, looking to but slugplate whiskey flasks from the midwest and south. Strapsides, swirl based, coffins, shooflys, seeds, etc. Let me know what you may have available! Saloons and bar flasks preferred. Thanks! :) Tim
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    Charles Clark Charleston SC

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    Koca Nola Kenton Ohio

    Hi all, I seen this nice B.B. Company Koca Nola from Kenton, Ohio. Is this a pretty good bottle? I was also wondering how scarce it is? Any info is appreciated [:)] ~Tim
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    Cobalt Chicago Pontiled Soda

    Hi all, Landed this very nice cobalt Aerated Soda Water E.K.B. (Edward K. Bebbington), at the Tulsa bottle show this weekend. There are a few known variations of this bottle, and this is the small letter version. Tough to find in good condition. The base is wicked on one side measuring over...
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    Early Diehl's Patent Mineral Water

    My newest gem thanks to Kevin Kyle. Thanks again my man, love this example. Diehl's Patent Mineral Water, it dates from around 1842-43. A sparkling whittled beauty with a scar pontiled base. [:)] ~Tim
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    Some nice early Pepsi's

    Here are some nice Pepsi-Cola bottles, and a one gallon fountain syrup jug I bought a little while back. The Buffalo Lick Springs still has part of the original paper label. The 5 liner is a beauty of a bottle, and the light sca script jug is a super example. Thanks for looking [:)] ~Tim
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    Is there a Williamston Indian Rock Ten Pin Pepsi?

    I've heard rumor but have yet to see one... ~Tim
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    M. Kom's Superior Mineral Water Great Western

    I picked up this killer and ultra rare M. Kom's mineral water that I just couldn't pass up. Really sweet with Great Western on the reverse side. Some nice glass drip coming off the top too. I'd love to know more of the history and provenance of this bottle. It was an unknown example and not...
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    For Jim (epackage)

    I seen this and thought you might be interested. ~Tim
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    WTB 1915 Ellington MO Coke

    Looking for a friend for a 1915 Ellington MO hobbleskirt Coke. If you have one that may be available even with damage please let me know. [:)] ~Tim
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    E. McIntire Patent Mineral Water

    A killer E. McIntire mineral water with an iron pontil which is actually found less than the OP for this bottle, interestingly enough. Whittled, a full pontil, and that short neck early flat tapered top. I luv 'em [:)] ~Tim
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    Is it PUCE?

    Hi all, Well Jim (Botlguy) got me thinking more about this color, and like another Jim (epackage) mentioned it seems to be so widely used anymore when describing a bottles color. There's no doubt I love the color as do many of the rest of you fine bottle folks! Maybe we can start a thread...
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    San Francisco Soda Works hutch

    Maybe some of the western collectors can help me out with this one? I was going thru some boxes and just happened to see this San Francisco Soda Works hutch. It's got some damage but I was wondering if it's uncommon? It's embossed S&F on the base. I did a couple of web searches but I only seen...
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    Rollin' out a barrel!

    I may have shown this one before. I got this barrel (in the center) at one of the bottle shows a few years back. I've always been curious about it. I'm not even for sure if it's American but it's a great colored example that's really crude. The top is unusual for a barrel. It's not what you...
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    Is anyone else having issues with their Photobucket not loading correctly? ~Tim
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    J.J. Wood & Bro Druggist Maysville KY

    I seen this smooth based aqua cylinder at the bottle show last weekend and snapped up a couple of poor cell phone pics. J.J. Wood & Bro Druggist Maysville KY. I didn't see it listed in Matts book. Anyone familiar with this one? I didn't buy it but i'm curious about it. I'm guessing it was 9-10"...
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    Color Question - Opinions wanted

    Hi all, Well after seeing the excellent green Greeley's bottle that went through the American Glass Gallery auction that just ended, it sparked up my curiosity in the example I have vs. the one that sold. I welcome any comments that you may provide. I'd like to know how much of a comparison...
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    Squatty Weber & Elble Louisville KY amber porter

    Well we got to the Belleville IL show yesterday around the time it opened, it was a long day! I got up a little after 3am and drove up to my friends house to pick him up. After that headed across the state to St. Louis and over into IL to the show. We arrived just after the show opened and...
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    Bigmeat Pottery Cherokee NC

    I was at a local auction a couple of weeks ago that said they had bottles so I decided to see what might be there. Some really common stuff and nothing I just had to have. While looking around I seen this small blackware pottery piece that I liked. Not my area but i've always liked some of the...

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