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    New Listings on Ebay!

    Got some new ones up on ebay, take a look! Thanks everyone!
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    Pine Tree tar Cordial

    I emailed the seller about this bottle and suggested he measure it again, it couldn't possibly be 8 inches tall as it looks to be the large variant in the pictures... Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is this not the large Variant...
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    more bottles on ebay, some Western Druggists, others...

    Check em out, thanks!
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    Yellow Green Umbrella Ink on Ebay

    I hope no one on here is bidding on this Photoshopped aqua ink, its going to be a disappointment... 172?
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    Great digs!!!

    Great digs everyone, I work to much and its to hot and dry for me to dig anything right now... thanks for posting!
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    a few for sale on ebay

    got a few bottles on the bay
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    Got a few on the bay

    Got a few bottles on ebay right now, check em out if you would like! Thanks
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    California Bottle on eBay

    I have a few California bottle ebay, more coming too!
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    Is that a blob top squat soda sticking out of the ground?!

    hmmmm, this looks pretty good, just a nice day hiking out in the woods with the puppy. After spotting some metal down one rather steep ravine this pleasant picture was presented before my eyes, just the way you see it.
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    so basically I'm an idiot?

    I used to give these away, all the time... Couldnt sell them 5 years ago for more then 20 bucks...
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    dont miss out on this one!!!

    OMG, its vintage, pillow fight! Very rare, just a little chip in the lip, thats all, and oh, its got an open pontil...
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    The best Railraod flask on eBay!

    Just listed this beauty, check er out!
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    photo hosting for html bottle auctions

    so, I've used photobucket for 7 years at least now to host all my pictures for ebay auctions and posts here. They have decided to change photobucket so that the drones will find it more user friendly for social media, and in doing so have completely changed the interface and dropped all the...
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    some bottles on the bay

    Got a few up on ebay, thanks for looking everyone!
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    Dakota Fred Hurt! I have a question for you...

    Can I go gold mining with you?! Have shovel, will travel... I have to wonder if you found any bottles up there at Porcupine? I was thinking about it when that old cabin came down...
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    No fricking way!

    So last winter My bud and I were digging a site with some gold rush era refuse, and I found a beautiful pontiled blue cone ink. it was quite an exciting find, the blue cones are rare, and getting it in the pick I held onto it thinking I'd probably never dig another. The dig is in the current...
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    Black glass grave yard

    Made it back under today and decide to dig out the layer of black glass left behind by what must have been a saloon or gambling hall during the gold rush. The glass is so thick that I could hardly dig in it! After a little bit in the first whole bottle showed up, and to my surprise it end up...
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    Couple nice bottles today!

    Got back in to my subterranean excavation today, and finally made the jump to a new section I've been really wanting to dig. There is no access to this are because it is cut off from the rest of the crawl space by a large concrete knee wall that spans the length of building. I though about...
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    More bottles on ebay!

    Listed some more bottles on ebay, check them out! Thank you everyone
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    plug for diggerdave, supere green Hoss!

    this is a great buy, so I thought I would share it over here

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