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  1. breakfast

    Corners of MA, VT, NH

    I'm way up by the Canadian border but I travel all over to dive and dig, let's go out! I'm in Hawaii until late April and then I'll be ready to ! 802-535-8844 Ben
  2. breakfast

    Corners of MA, VT, NH

    Are you based in southern VT? I would meet up now and then if that's the case, go digging. I'm in northern VT way up there, but I love to travel around to different places and go exploring.
  3. breakfast

    Iron Midden - New youtube channel

    Hi everyone! I dont post that much in the forum but I wanted to let everyone know who enjoys watching digging videos that I started a new channel. I mostly dig bottles but I also diverge to cans and general metal detecting quite a bit. Just wanted anyone who cant get out and dig to be able to...

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