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    What did this bottle have inside? Honey? Oil?

    Hi Everyone, I picked this bottle up in an antique store for $5, 11 years ago in Lake Geneva, WI. Any idea what it contained? There's an open pontil and crude lip, and the bottle company's initials, but not sure how old it is. Any info or ideas would be great! Thanks! Paul
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    Dr. Spivey's Asthma Cure bottles w/original labels, packaging, "fact booklet"

    Hi Everyone, I may have posted these bottles years ago, maybe somebody out there knows more about them at this time. They are embossed with "Dr. Spivey" and "Oxford, Ohio" on the sides and back panel. Are these rare, maybe because of the paper labels, packaging, and booklets? What's the...
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    An Old Chemists Bottle? 1840-1860?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help identify the 2 bottles I found at an old house sale in Chicago about 30 years ago or so. I think they're chemists bottles, but does anybody know what a three-necked bottle was used for and how old they really are? Maybe to concoct the "medicines"...
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    Milk Glass Binoculars - Candy Bottle?

    Hi Everyone, I found this in a large, pre-1908 Chicago refuse site, over which the River View amusement park existed from 1908 until the late 1960s. The part of the dump that was exposed during construction (before they erected fences around these sites in Chicago) from 1970 until 1974...
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    Traditionally ID'd as a Stafford Ink Bottle, but......

    Hi Everyone, I haven't studied all the newest antique bottle books, but I've known this 7-8 inch cobalt blue Stafford bottle to be always ID'd as an ink bottle. However, I discovered this example in the basement of an old 1880s Chicago house with its original paper label that indicates it's...
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    Dr. Spivey's Asthma Cure in and with original packaging and ad booklet....

    Hi, I'm new at this forum and wanted to share a bottle I found in an old, beautiful 1880 house in Chicago, on top of an ancient boiler down in the basement. Actually I found 2 of them, all with original packaging and ad booklet inside, somebody just left and forgot 137 years ago. Thanks for...

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