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    Finds from the lake.

    Wow, that neck looks like it came from an absolutely massive cathedral pickle bottle! I'd love to see one of those intact.
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    “Not perfect”

    Yeah it's most likely a medicine bottle although impossible to say with certainty what it contained, and dates to 1890-1910-ish. The purple hue is indeed because it was exposed to the sun.
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    yard sale find -paper label local ginger ale bottle " muskoka special " browns gravenhurst

    Wow yeah I don't remember seeing this post before either. That was a fantastic find! There definitely aren't a lot of soda bottles from that era that show up with paper labels on them. There's a good chance that it could be unique.
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    Bottles turning purple?

    I won't buy those deep purple bottles where you can barely see the light through them, I don't understand the appear of those. I am more forgiving of the medium-shade purple, because natural sunlight will do that if the bottle has been laying out in the sun for a century so you can't be sure...
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    “Common or not”

    I don't remember seeing that exact Seagram's before, but unfortunately not many people collect liquor bottles from that era so there typically isn't anyone keeping track of whether or not they're common.
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    There are legit brown straight-side Cokes which are fairly common (the straight-sides weren't standardized and can be found in all sorts of colours), but apart from the mysterious one with an X on the base mentioned early on in this post you won't find any legit hobbleskirts in brown that I'm...
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    Newish collector just trying to learn some stuff

    Never heard of L.L. Lyons, looks like an 1890s-1910s-ish medicine bottle. The unmarked one looks like some sort of Heinz-ish product, like horseradish or something, and probably dates to around the 1910s-1930s. I'm sure you know what Listerine is, those are quite common and also date to the...
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    Newish collector just trying to learn some stuff

    Nice find on the poison! The labeled versions of these I've seen have always been antiseptic tablets although they could have been used for other things as well - antiseptic tablets were one of the most common things stored in poison bottles to survive with their labels. I don't think the...
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    Found this jar yesterday any help identifying it?

    Never seen that one before, looks like they were intentionally trying to imitate the Vaseline packaging.
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    “Weird markings “

    Those Dominion date codes were only used in the 1950s or 60s, so it's either from 1955 or 1965. Frustratingly they didn't indicate the decade like most of the US date codes do.
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    GTMO Finds

    That Navy bottle is a great find! Does the Cuba Coke have a date on it?
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    Ahhhh...A Blob Top!

    Only other possible explanation I can think of is someone in the 20th century making a lamp out of it. Those holes are usually on the side near the heel though, so it would have had to sit on some sort of base.
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    Ahhhh...A Blob Top!

    Wow that McLaughlin is a beauty! Looks like it must have barely been used before it was tossed overboard. The crock is interesting too, I suspect you're right about the hole being intentional, and it looks like there's another smaller one next to it? Never seen anything quite like that.
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    “No info”

    These things show up in 50s dumps a lot, I think they were shoe polish.
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    I found these before I believe their water bottles European.

    Bottles like yours were made for a while, I'd say roughly 1880s-1920s. It can be harder to precisely date UK bottles because they weren't as quick to switch over to newer manufacturing techniques as the US glasshouses were.
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    Just 2 bottles I need help Identifying!

    Welcome to the forum! The milk is from 1942. The other bottle is a generic general-purpose household bottle, could have held anything really. It dates from roughly the same era as the milk.
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    Looks like a very recent wine bottle, dating from anywhere between the 1970s and yesterday.
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    Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858 reproduction or not? C

    It looks legit to me, but not super old - I don't think the lip is ground is it?
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    I found these before I believe their water bottles European.

    These are generally referred to as English ale bottles. I think the unmarked ones are generally thought to have contained beer rather than ginger beer. Yours is marked Portobello, a neighbourhood in Edinburgh.
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    Dug a few beers and a couple mysteries

    I think I remember someone on here finding a similar skull and crossbones thing a while back. It's some sort of religious item. It's marked "ecce homo" - Latin for "behold the man" (referring to Jesus). I'm not sure what its actual purpose is though.

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