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  1. UnderMiner


    Good condition circle slugger, and a rare company too!
  2. UnderMiner

    Bottle questions

    The symbol of the diamond with the circle around it on the bottom is the logo of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company and dates your bottle between 1930 to about 1955. After 1955 that logo was no longer used by the company and didn't exist before 1930. The number 5 on the right of the diamond is the...
  3. UnderMiner

    Bottle questions

    Welcome, I started with MD too. You will have fun! Feel free to ask any questions if you need help learning how to find the best bottles.
  4. UnderMiner

    “Not perfect”

    1880-1920 is really the furthest extent of the date range so likely somewhere between these two dates (1900) is your answer. Back then glass makers removed the green hue from glass by mixing in Manganese dioxide which made the glass clear. The side effect of this additive however was that...
  5. UnderMiner

    Went to pick up firewood and this happened!

    Nice discovery! And free firewood too!
  6. UnderMiner

    Recent Finds...

    Great hunt! The diving is half the fun and the finds complete it!
  7. UnderMiner

    Whiskey Jug

    I'm no expert but didn't whiskey jugs once have X's on them to denote how many times distilled the whiskey was? So maybe instead of 4 X's they just made the number 4 to indicate the whiskey was distilled 4 times?
  8. 1890's Blob Top Beer + Other Finds

    1890's Blob Top Beer + Other Finds

    The bottles are as follows in order from left to right: 1. H. Straehle of New Rochelle, N.Y. 2. Citrate of Magnesia 3. Theo Young of 165th & 166th St Union Ave N.Y. 4. Bailis Bros. of Mt. Vernon Registered 1929 5. Mt. Vernon Dairy Co. Inc. of Irvington, N.J. 6. Coca-Cola of New Bern, NC
  9. UnderMiner

    1890's Blob Top Beer + Other Relics

    Went on a fun and exhausting adventure today exploring a very inhospitable land long forgotten by time. A few things from over 100 years ago lay plainly visible on the surface in some places while in other places I had to dig through thick mud to get to them. Here's a picture of all the day's...
  10. Finds of 8/10/2022

    Finds of 8/10/2022

    A few pre-prohibition beer bottles, a couple of inks, a couple of warranted whiskey flasks, a small Carbona bottle, a Horn and Hardart cup fragment, and a silver plated brass teaspoon.
  11. UnderMiner

    19th C. Stoneware Water Dispencer Found During River Hunt

    It's a brake/running light lens from an old car or lantern I think.
  12. UnderMiner

    A few of the things I've found in the last few weeks. Roy

    I like the 5 cent embossed milk bottle best
  13. UnderMiner

    Whiskey Jug

    Looks great! Welcome to the forum!
  14. UnderMiner

    Today's Finds

    Some of the finds from today's hunt.
  15. Pumpkin Seed Flask

    Pumpkin Seed Flask

    Pumpkin Seed flask: 1890's-1900's Henry Zeltner beer: 1890's-1909 Perfume bottle with brass hardware: 1890's-1913
  16. UnderMiner

    Small, medium, large and a sponge to boot.

    Oh! Who lives in a milk bottle under the sea? That sponge you found aparently!
  17. UnderMiner

    Pumpkin Seed Flask

    Went on another adventure today. First went snorkeling off an old pier, nothing to be found there but big sea snails unfortunately. Had more luck at another location where the recent rain storms had washed away some of the surface. Found a nice tooled pumpkin seed flask and a old perfume...
  18. UnderMiner

    GTMO Finds

    Wow! Thank you, very fascinating! Good luck hunting!
  19. Wm Connors Hutchinson

    Wm Connors Hutchinson

    An 1880's-90's Hutchinson bottle along with a 1900's-1910's amber toolder-blob beer, an early 1920's cobalt Milk of Magnesia bottle - along with about $7 in clad coins, a 1920 French Third Republic 10 Centimes, a brown stoneware jug fragment, and a small piece of a salt-glazed ginger beer bottle.

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