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    Cthulhu / Dan Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Dan! Was there new glass? Plenty of frosting?
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    Birthday for Topusmc

    Happy Birthday James! You've been too quiet lately...
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    Brian Bryan Birthday

    Brian & Bryan, We wish you good glass & good Birthdays!
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    Birthdays Upon Us X 3

    Happy Day to bttlmark / Mark, Uncle_Jarvis / Dave, and absent friend Kate / pyshodoodle! Hope y'all have a wonderful and glassy day.
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    RED'S a Gemini

    Happy Birthday, RED! What's your Birthday Bottle Mystery?
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    Madman Burns Candles

    Happy Birthday, Mike! I can see the glow from your cake brightening the sky, yonder. Will there be Birthday Bottles?
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    jaroadshow 5th Season

    Happy Birthdat, Jack, You're not quite 6, in A-BN years. Hope you have a great day!
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    southern Maine diver Celebrates!

    Happy Birthday Wayne! May the currents be useful & the water clear.
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    Crewela & nostalgia Birthday Time Theatre

    Happy Day Pam & Frederic! Hope you are both having a happy day & will show us some birthday bottles soon...
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    dewdog / Michael's Birthday

    Hey Michael, Happy Birthday, sir. You're still being on the quiet side. Show us some Birthday glass, please.
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    The CreekWalker Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Rick & many more.
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    diggerdirect & phil44 Celebrate

    Al & Phil are havin some Birthday today. Please join me in wishing them glassy good wishes.
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    epgorge Almost Outta Birthday

    Hello Joel, Here's hoping you had big fun on your Birthday...
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    Dr. Harter in Living Color

    This is a bottle along with a few dozen comrades that disappeared on me a dozen years ago. I rediscovered it today. It looks different from every angle, and in varied light. Dr. Harter & his buddies had been hiding in an old Heineken box in the attic, with a couple boxes of books piled on...
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    Foote & Jenks Perfumers

    Here's one that I unpacked from the good old days. It was freshly dug when it got packed away. I never looked it up, didn't really clean it well. There was hardly any fondling at all... I immediately thought of RED Matthews when I saw it again. Perhaps he can do some splaining on how the...
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    jays emporium Birthday Open

    Happy Birthday Jay! May the day bring you glassy delights.
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    A.B.N. Cafe pipe

    While going through some 1st dig boxes the other day, I found some goodies from my First Dig. It was a helluva fun dig, and the site lasted for 2 seasons of digging. I'd made a small box of pipe parts, boxed em up & forgot about em. This was dug in the days before A-BN, if you can even...
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    Birthday Time for KBbottles

    Happy Birthday, Kenneth, And many more... Show us some New Brunswick glass will'ya...
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    botlenut Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Mark, Have a great day, and show us some glass when you have a chance, please.
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    Older peejrey Today

    Hey Preston, Happy Birthday, sir. Will there be cake & bottles?

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