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  1. embe

    Bottle cleaning station & final cut

    I would have kept those pieces as well. Nice!
  2. embe

    Georgia bottles found in Utah!

  3. embe

    Recent Finds...

    Nice Kuntz bottle, thats from my old stomping grounds in Waterloo Ontario
  4. embe

    Possible battery? What is this?

    Curious what's the size? interesting find, haven't seen or heard of one before. Without the size I can see how it could be mistaken for a spray can
  5. embe

    Gin bottle?

    Any pics of the bottom? Just curious.
  6. embe

    Nice condition

    Coke bottle glass is the way we always described the color. Probably not that old. Could be worth poking around to see what else is there
  7. embe

    couple rusted soda bottle caps found in the lake

    The caps would need to be bent to fit thru the neck...maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that settled or was dumped.
  8. embe

    Really Worn Bottle found swimming

    is it glass or one of those clay ginger beers?
  9. embe

    Strange Pepsi bottle with double label

    you'd think if there was that much work going into re-using the bottles the deposit price would be increased.
  10. embe

    Strange Pepsi bottle with double label

    odd, haven't seen anything like it before
  11. embe

    Before and after pictures.

    Ok, I'll ask how it got to the 'after' part or did I miss that detail? Assuming tumbled? Nice results either way
  12. embe

    My latest find.

    Looks like a Vitro Agate marble from the pics. I believe the style is referred to as phantom conquerer. Probably from the 50's. Lots of kids used marbles for slingshot ammo back in the day.
  13. embe

    Oldest coin found with metal magnet so far

    nice find, I'd be happy with that
  14. embe

    One more for Show and Tell

    what's the label made of?
  15. embe

    This heavy thing

    WElcome to the site. I think that's some sort of outdoor candlebox, for citronella etc. Probably not that old based on the cotter pin hinge. Still a good find
  16. embe

    Crush green quart!...from Canada

    Interesting. Nice bottle !
  17. embe

    New display shelf

    It's always good to have more support. Some of the shelves I've seen were basically screwed to drywall and not studs. Then the shelves get loaded up over time. And then it all goes crash. Yours looks fairly sturdy for the load
  18. embe

    New display shelf

    When it comes to displays it's nice to err on the side of caution for support. Nice display
  19. embe

    Finally a ginger beer

    What exactly was Ginger Beer? Like a Ginger Ale? Or Root Beer? Or like a real beer with % content? WElcome to the site by the way
  20. embe

    My Marbles

    Top left looks like a Marble King (I was hoping it was a Peltier, hard to say from the pics) If it's Peltier it would have been marketed under the Rainbo brand. And the dark one is a Master Marble. Thanks

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