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  1. epackage

    R.H. Swinley and Co.

    Tough bottle to come by, I have only mine that I am aware of, nice find
  2. epackage

    New shelving unit for some of my Paterson NJ stoneware...

    Gonna have my buddy wire lights in the near future...
  3. epackage

    Urgent! pontil? What? Value?

    Eau De Cologne as Harry said
  4. epackage

    Nathan Arbeiterman/Brooklyn Seltzer Bottle

    1910-20's seltzer, earlier seltzers would have had a footed base...
  5. epackage

    Glass display cabinet for my FD badges

    Loved the cabinet I got to display my Paterson NJ FD volunteer badges, but they were sideways, and they just barely fit into each slot at an angle. So I got a piece of black 1/4" foam and did a little work on them this morning, couldn't find my exacto knife so I used a sharp kitchen knife. I...
  6. epackage

    Glass display cabinet for my FD badges

    Picked up a nice counter top display cabinet for Hickok Initialed Belt Buckles, great item to display my Paterson badges in. I'm gonna take out the display area and put in a black felt background, then I will be able to turn them 90° and display them all properly, with room for any others I...
  7. epackage

    AMAZING Kinch bottles from Paterson NJ

    They're not new to the collection, but they are in my Top 10 all-time Paterson bottles. Pair of Kinch bottles with Albertson & Matthews stopper, maybe one day I'll find the actual closure part so than can be properly displayed... These might be the only examples you'll ever see... The top one...
  8. epackage

    National Bottle Museum Pfannebecker display Paterson N.J.

    This was a display I had at the National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa NY a few years back, today it would have another 10-15 Pfannebecker bottles in it, it was a gorgeous display for 6 or 7 months... The images are the guys who dug the Pfannebecker site back in the 1970's, they took home...
  9. epackage

    Info on Theodore Steinwachs. Bottler. Henderson, KY. Hutch?

    I a I assume it''s a 1910-20's mineral water or soda, got my info from Ancestry, I don't know much about him
  10. epackage

    Info on Theodore Steinwachs. Bottler. Henderson, KY. Hutch?

    Theodore Steinwach was born June 1, 1858 in Obernfhausen, Germany, he passed on Aug. 24, 1933 in Henderson. He came to America with his wife Kate in 1882, they had a daughter Anna born in 1886 and a son William in 1887. He is listed a soda and mineral water bottler from the late 1880's into the...
  11. epackage

    Blue glass rolled lip bottle vase

    High kick up base makes me think European
  12. epackage

    eBay disaster!!!

    Most of these show up with the stopper, I have seen 6 or 7 in my life and they all had stoppers. I imagine someone found a crate of them in JC and sold them off, if you keep searching you'll get one at a price you like... good luck
  13. epackage

    Quarts and 1/2 gallons PL from Paterson NJ

    Gotta find a neck label for the Cherry...
  14. epackage

    Quarts and 1/2 gallons PL from Paterson NJ

    These are my two favorite soda bottle collections to add to, still looking for a Brookdale Celery Soda. I believe I have all the Singer's, the Cherry and Cream sodas aren't pictured in the group, gotta take a new pic...
  15. epackage

    eBay disaster!!!

    He has almost 10,000 positive eBay feedbacks, he's the best of the best when it comes to bottles, I have tons of bottles from him. I didn't see the box, but everything he's sold me since 2009 has arrived safe and sound. He has been selling bottles since 1968, so yeah he's a great seller and...
  16. epackage

    eBay disaster!!!

    Was it the Willms bottle? The seller is one of the best known diggers and sellers of bottles on the whole Eastern seaboard if it was the Willms, he has been since the late 1960's. I'm sure he's sorry it's broke, I know you would love to have it instead of a refund, good luck in the future...
  17. epackage

    Two new COBALT Meds, last of 2021...

    Acquired two C. Heimstreet & Co. cobalt meds at the end of 2021, not what I collect so they will be sold off or traded, but they were too good to pass up...

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