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    Another Dig - City

    HEY MRCURE, Some keep records of their dig efforts in script and/or pics. Others choose not to. Some decide on a site by site basis for partial records either for self reference and /or posterity. ...Some digs will be lost to time. Some future archaeologists can figure out.;)... Btw, I'm...
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    Another Dig - City

    Real nice work- (make sure your notebook is preserved). A serious Dr. Pepper drinker at that site! (Great finds.) And a little something for the garden too. :) Congrats + good luck on that proposed Civil War site. Btw, I remember Toni. They ran a lot of ads. Classic '50s-'60s. I believe they...
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    S.A. Read and Company?

    You'll almost always find a little something interesting in those Conn. woods.:). --Welcome to our online bottle community.
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    It amazes me every time I find a marble.

    Hey Mailman, Don't worry about not knowing much about marbles--I have a funny feeling there is a lot of us out there... After all, we didn't become diggers for the marbles. ;)
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    Digging an 1870 to 1915 bottle plant up date. QUESTIONS

    It certainly is! As the Airborne Rangers say "All the way!" :cool: (Those pedals were polished steel. --Never forget 'em.:)) Another thing I'll never forget--went to Tajuana as a 10 year old. Vendors sold sandals with cut sections of car tires for soles. Sign read "Guaranteed 10,000 miles.":D
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    Digging an 1870 to 1915 bottle plant up date. QUESTIONS

    Quite the collection! --Behold greatness. He has a Charger (Yes, with a hemi), digs every chance he gets, + a heart of gold. --Has my vote in Nov. :cool: Note: We have a lot of such quality members and really should have our own political party. (What would we call it? Hmmm.)
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    Edward Rafter - Circle Slug Plate Embossed Flask

    Nestle is buying water rights big and small all over the US. (Foreign?) In the town of Meriden, CT (approx. 80K) there were two family run water companies. Both had "fill it yourself" operations on site. They both used to charge (hang onto your wallets) 25 cents per gallon. Nestle came in...
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    Edward Rafter - Circle Slug Plate Embossed Flask

    Okay Underminer, I remember some of that now (Thank You early Bruce Willis movie). I realize it is not an intake problem so is it then an outflow problem affiliated with older buildings in NYC like Grand Central? .. I apologize for the continuance of any stereotyping and thank you for clearing...
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    Edward Rafter - Circle Slug Plate Embossed Flask

    Urine-the official smell of a city that seldom/never really upgraded its water infrastructure. Well, hey, out of sight out of mind--until Flint, Mich. and Jackson, Mississippi. Hmmm. Oh well, C'mon Subway Series, rocket launch, and what's the hold-up on burying that royal monarch of a foreign govt.?
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    Hello bottle collectors

    Hi Moonshine Ginny, You may have to take a time-out from active collecting until things settle down. Despite all the distractions I would urge you to go into that little antique store you walk by and just spend about 5 mins. looking around. It will give you some perspective, among other things...
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    Bromo Bottle with Misspelling

    It may be obvious BUT don't sell it until you get a good handle on what its worth. :)
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    Threw away sooo many bottles

    Hey Newtothiss et al, I like your numbered option approach. Always good to have choice options. Just look at the cereal aisle. Mmmm cereal--tastes like America! :)
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    Threw away sooo many bottles

    Underminer et al, I like the sentiment. However, I wonder if the majority of people will be capable of reading in say, 200 years. They'll probably babble something like "Look, a glass bottle with strange marks on the paper inside. Dam, I left my scanner home. However, I saw one like it in the...
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    Any help with this hair tonic or perfume bottle?

    Looks a little like a big city skyscraper. Slightly Art Deco-ish with a later base. Maybe an aftershave, perfume, or a hair tonic? I'm guessing the '40s, +/- a decade. Welcome to our online bottle club, Hadley's Mom. Also, its good to see someone who tries their hardest to research before...
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    I have Access to an old bottling plant from 1870 to 1915 update

    Mr. e.../c3po(?), Nice job. Feeling tired but young again with purpose. Shed red--You are hereby awarded the Medal of the Purple Trowel. Congrats and lets be careful out there y'all.
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    Tombigbee River find. Need help with ID

    Mailman delivers bottle info with humor and a smile. Nice.
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    Finds from the lake.

    Thanks for the info. I encountered a sidewinder on the surface swimming toward me while I was fishing as a kid. Then a neighbor came out and blew it into little pieces with a single shot. Always wondered what kind of snake it was. (Generally we don't have a snake problem up here in CT.)
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    Another Dig - City

    I agree. The toothbrush is a great tool, in the field dry application too.
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    Finds from the lake.

    Of course it is. He is probably a Democrat too. ;)
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    Talk about a whole lot of nothing.

    Once you get to know them a little you see the more common ones and recognize them. When you don't, do a little online research or ask the group. I like the bible price guide of fruit jars--The Red Book :cool: . It tells all you need to know and a little bit more. Then you can decide if your...

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