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  1. UncleBruce

    Has potential....

    As Leon mentioned the Rusty Bunch here is the link: They have the best method for removing paint over cans and it is easy.
  2. UncleBruce

    Pepsi-Cola 1959 Spiral

    It is a Pepsi bottle. The Applied Color Labels (ACL) have worn/dissolved away.
  3. UncleBruce

    How do I clean bottle Sickness?

    Coin collectors are an odd bunch in general. Anytime something is "Polished" material is removed from the item being polished. In the case of bottles, a tiny bit of glass is gently removed from the surface with smooths out the blemishes. This removal of material in the coin collecting world...
  4. UncleBruce

    How do I clean bottle Sickness?

    It is etching in glass that can only be removed with mechanical polishing. When plant material in the ground decays it forms carbolic acid. Carbolic acid will etch glass. Once etched it can only be brought back with mechanical polishing. This type of polishing is referred to as Tumbling as...
  5. UncleBruce

    Wahl brewery

    I tried to contact these folks and they never replied. I may be interested in your WAHL bottle so send me some images of it. My contact info is in the post signature.
  6. UncleBruce

    Is this a good deal?

    NOPE. Pretty plain and common
  7. UncleBruce

    Howdy All!

    ACL = Applied Color Label
  8. UncleBruce

    Here she is!!!

    If you are not keeping it contact Glenn Miller. His auctions would be the perfect venue for your sign. Glenn Miller N8779 Hwy 95 Hixton , WI 54635 Phone: 7152992543 Email: Web: Prices Realized at Auction
  9. UncleBruce

    Here she is!!!

    I think you would be very surprised at what that sign would sell for in an auction. I would guess $1000+ possibly. When it comes to the Petrolina memorabilia they like the big signs and the condition on this looks pretty decent for the age.
  10. UncleBruce

    Needing a professional local South Jersey Antiques/Sports Memorabilia Appraiser

    Unless the eBay listings were for something SOLD then the asking prices are bogus and not a guide for value.
  11. UncleBruce

    Got in a couple hours at the dump today. It's not a lid or an ashtray.

    The round thing is possibly a paper weight, but it is missing the advertising which would have been on the flat side.
  12. UncleBruce

    Does Anyone Know What This Ceramic Relic Is?

    It's an insulated stand off for running cables along a house such as for a lightning rod cable.
  13. UncleBruce

    Thinking of purchasing a bottle not sure if, the price is right.

    If it's not broken, I would have bought for 20. Beautiful image.
  14. UncleBruce

    help with information on a recent find

    I would say it is $100+. Very desirable Missouri bottle. The closure is a PUTNAM closure which held a cork in place. If you are wishing to sell it, I can put you in touch with Arlin Cargil who is the expert on these, he would tell you a value and if he wants it will offer you a fair price.
  15. UncleBruce

    One BIG bottle!

    Display beer bottles are impressive.
  16. UncleBruce

    Jacksonville SS Pepsi Cola

    I would hope everyone would be happy to acquire such a bottle. Nice one for sure.
  17. UncleBruce

    19th C. Stoneware Water Dispencer Found During River Hunt

    Looks like a chicken waterer missing the base.

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