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    The History of Bottles - Of Interest to Everyone

    That's amazing! What a great timeline!
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    Ebay Seller scam?

    I have not followed any online auctions. We have so many "treasures" already, I'm trying to be judicious about my purchases . . .
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    South Texas Calabash Flask

    PRETTY - love the color.
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    Ebay Seller scam?

    I still look on Ebay, and I've had luck there. Haven't tried any online bottle shows. Is the photography suitable?
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    Recognizing our members with disabilities.

    How very frustrating to have those issues! I always thought I was "normal," (What is "normal" anyway?) but please know high school was painful for ALL of us! (One girl threatened to beat me up. For being nice to a sweet teacher?) I, too, have cried for losing or breaking an item that held...
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    Gifted an amazing collection

    What a great gift!
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    What's the best ketchup bottles

    I realized I was obsessed with bottles when I had to keep this one.
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    Black ink bottles from Providence Rhode Island, circa 1840-45

    YES - we actually have quite a few of the croup syrup bottles - we had to get one for everyone in the family, so it took a few years. Our oldest son got the first one for his birthday. He said, "Did you have this made?" We said, "Nope, this is from 1840, dug up from a Civil War privy." Jim's...
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    Black ink bottles from Providence Rhode Island, circa 1840-45

    We were thrilled to find these two ink bottles on Ebay. The labeled larger bottle comes from chemist/pharmacist Henry Hudson Burrington (1795-1850), my husband's (also a chemist) third great uncle from Providence Rhode Island. So, the chemistry thing - think it's genetic?
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    Thinning out the Collection

    If any bottle says BURRINGTON save it for me! (My husband's 3rd great uncle, Henry Hudson Burrington, was a chemist, just like he is)
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    Can fruit jars (glass) be an investment???

    Marty, I agree - buy what you love. Chances are our children will not want to keep anything we treasure. It will just seem like junk to them. Be sure to mark the special (worth $) stuff somehow.
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    Finally dug my first Cistern.

    Wow! How exciting!

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