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    Some Decent Auction/Flea Market Finds of the Past

    Ok, no pic, trying to upload and all got is flashing yellow dot for 5 minutes now!?! Am I doing something wrong? Well below file size requirements.
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    Some Decent Auction/Flea Market Finds of the Past

    Hey Gang,Doing some cleaning today and was reminded of the good 'ole days for me when I was working at the auctions and could clean up on bottles. I pretty much had a couple year span until people started to bid me up. Some would get hung with them, and some I had to pay more for, but still some...
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    Silk City Seltzer

    Came across a Silk City seltzer bottle with S. Feit Prop., with star of David on it. It has Paterson. NJ across the bottom and its in blue with the white lettering. They were asking $40 for it, anyone know it or need it?Randy
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    Chinese Barrels???

    [size=5]Hello All, I was at the federation show this past weekend and overheard someone talking about fake Sachem barrels being made in China. Can anyone shed some more light on this subject, or does anybody have a pic of one. Also, if this is true, any tell tale signs to identify them. Randy
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    Gilhuly's Hutch New Haven Conn.

    Anyone interested in a clear Gilhuly's Bottling Works from New Haven Conn. ? Let me know. Randy
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    2 hutches

    In my travels today, I came across 2 hutches 1.Dempsey & Ryan Chicago aqua 2.Lobue & Co. Buffalo aqua Anyone need them for their collections, will be out there again next week and can grab them. Just let me know. Randy
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    Victorian Era Bell Jar

    Gotta large victorian era bell jar up for grabs for anyone. Heavy glass with some roughness around the edges, and needs a base, along with a good scrubbing. Anyone interested can pm me or reach me at Thanks. Randy
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    Ezell Bros. Hamlin, Texas

    I picked it up for anyone on the board here, I'm a Pennsy guy, so not my territory. Anyone want it at cost + shipping? Randy
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    Ezell Bros. Hamlin, Texas

    Back pic
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    Ezell Bros. Hamlin, Texas

    Here is a pic. thought it was mint with just inside stain, but there are 2 check marks on backside. One is just small line, other is also a line, but dependinding on the angle/view, looks like a bruise. Oh well, guess thats what happens when it is 5am and looking with a flashlight, glad I only...
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    Ezell Bros. Hamlin, Texas

    Picked up this med at flea market. anyone know it or need it? If so, let me know. Randy
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    Since it is a stick (manual) trans, just check the gear oil and change if it has soured or full of water. Make sure all the linkages are free, hit them with some penetrating oil (wd-40). Pressure plate and flywheel will rust up good if it has sat for long period of time, not much you can do...
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    Fish Float

    My only finds for the last few weeks, un-embossed and about the size of a basketball. But it does have a nice wisp of blue in it, and some nice bubbles.
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    Tylersport Bottle Show

    Hey Gang, I have a pile of Antique Bottle Collector magazines that I cannot keep around anymore (back to early 2000). Anyone interested, they are free for the taking. I will be bringing them to the show with me, as we have a table in the back room. They are first come first serve, email me at...
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    This is the best vid of the killer Wave that hit Japan

    Best part is that all the wreckage is now heading for Kalifornia!! It sure is a good thing that all of the radiation stayed in Japan and none could make it to the US!
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    Snakes- They are still out there

    Hey Road Dog, What kind of Mopar you gots? Mopar man myself, don't have one, but would love a 69-70 Road Runner or GTX. 68 or 70 Charger, 68 - 70 Super Bee. And for early years it would have to be max wedge/superstock Savoy or 330 car or early race hemi. Now back to reality and I can just...
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    Snakes- They are still out there

    Guys, Unfortunately I was not old enough when these cars were around, but one could go and rent one. And many people would rent them just for the weekends, hence the reason when people look at one, they usually go inside and lift the carpets to see if there were any welds from a roll cage that...
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    building a tumbler

    Tennis ball without the green fuzz fits perfect in the pontil, as well as the stopple fingers. Randy
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    Towns along the Lehigh (revised!!)

    Bob, You are killing us with these killer sodas ya keep posting !! Where was Nusbaum from? You have any from Walnutport? Wasn't it just a lettered bottle as well. Do you have the elusive Hottenstine tall blue in your arsenal? Oh and thanks again for the DS, real nice addition. Randy

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