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    Checking in.....

    Hello there, its been a while. The last time I contributed to the forum it was two years ago almost to the exact day. Christmas eve to be exact. I started a thread but I see that its been "locked"........LOL I dont blame ya! SO I stop by once in a while to see what I forecasted in 2012 has...
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    New Baltimore Bottle Book

    After a long awaited appearance the new Baltimore Bottle club book is here! Anyone interested in the book can contact Chuck Myer/BBAC treasurer. Also it will be on sale at the Baltimore show in March. The price is $30.00. It has been updated with hundreds of bottles and new color pictures. Many...
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    Large ransom for Milk bottle!

    I am looking for milks from a dairy in Ohio. I will pay handsomely if found. Toft Dairy........Started around 1900. They are out there some where.
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    Baltimore Bottle Book

    I believe we are going to have an UPDATED fourth addition of the Baltimore bottle book available at the Baltimore bottle Show. New pics and a lot of new updated information. March 3rd 20013 Community College of Baltimore County. (same location) There will be a meet and greet of the ABN at the...
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    Mods if you see fit to kill my thread....have at it....just will reinforce my feelings. My discussion involves antique bottles and this site. Nothing gun control. I have been visiting this site for sometime now, I cant but help but see the continual decline...
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    Tofts Dairy bottles.

    Still WANTED....Tofts Dairy bottles from Ohio. I will pay top dollar for these bottles. Please....Please...please!!!!!!!!They have to be out there somewhere.
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    How much? Reserve not met? How much should it go for? FANTASTIC bottle!
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    Congrats Conner!!!!!

    Conner despite our differences I want to congratulate you on your recent Antique Bottle and Glass article. I must say that your enthusiasm for collecting is quite refreshing. It is great to see a young person taking interest in this wonderful hobby. We here at the ABN are very proud of you! I...
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    25 years and Beginners Luck.

    Twenty five years ago my grandfather’s wife passed away. Being he was up in age he asked me and my wife to move in with him. I a country boy so to speak really wasn’t to keen about moving into the inner city. In the area in which he lived was surrounded by homes dating back to the...
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    Need an IT guy...or gal

    Every time I take my curser and try to click in the tab "reply" or " quote" a little yellow thingy pops up next to my curser and wont allow me to reply or quote. Sometimes it does and sometimes it dosnt. It does not do it on other forums I visit. This is a brand new lap top ( Toshiba Satelite)...
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    Looking for this Bottle...

    There is a dairy in Ohio b y the name of Toft Dairy. I would really really love to have a bottle embossed with this name. Someone from the Baltimore bottle club found a milk crate in the woods while searching for bottles and gave it to me. The dairy has been around since the TOC and I am sure...
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    Great Tonic Blood Remedy

    Picked up two amber bottles yesterday at the flea circus... They are 9 1/2" BIM as you can see are Amber in color. Both have mostly intact labels. Pick-Me-Up Great Tonic Blood Remedy V.H. WOOLRICH Palmer Mass. Anybody have any info on these bottles? Rariety? Value? I am going to sell one...
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    Congrats to Waskey!

    Last night at the Baltimore Antique Bottle club meeting Henry was elected to the clubs Board of Directors. This is a nice accomplishment for this young man. We elected him to bring a young perspective to this wonderful hobby. He is knowledgeable and informed. ABN here is the future....Good...
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    At least one state gets it....

    Doing my best to stay away from anything political I give you this.....Florida will begin testing welfare applicants for drugs effective July 1st. Its about time, now if only this policy would go national we would be doing something. A lot of people must take drug test to qualify for jobs...
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    Ryan Howard.

    For those of you who were wondering where Ryan(bottlediger) has been. He is serving our country in Afganistan. Maybe some of you could write him and send your support. Look him up on Facebook. His name is as written above. Ryan Howard. Let him know how much you appreciate his service.
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    Baltimore Pontiled Pickle

    Dug a nice early pickle yesterday. Shame it was broke into piesces. I glued what I could back together. It is embossed Baltimore on one panel and Wm Bodmann on the oppisite side. Has a huge pontil.For a Baltimore guy like myself this would have been top shelf!
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    Something incredebly intresting

    I was doing some work in a church today, in front of the church runs a street literally paved with glass. Back in the late sixties/ early seventies the city of Baltimore experimented with mixing bits of glass with asphalt. I enclosed some pictures of the shards of glass in the street. I found...
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    Anybody know?

    Anybody here or know who the ebay seller Bottleski is?
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    Be still my heart....

    Here is one for you. What a great bottle!!!!! sure I am partial, but man ol' man.....I would love to have this one!
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    Is this worth it? Just womdering?

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