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  1. logan.the.collector

    My Local Slug Plate Milk Collection

    Hard to believe that all of these quart varieties have been added to my collectiom since December 26, 2020. What a year it has been. Three of these varieties I have the only known examples of. So proud of my collection. These range from as old as 1915 to the early 1930s.
  2. logan.the.collector

    Ghosted, or hologram label?

    Woah, a New City bottle? I have a friend from there who has been trying to identify different varieties from there. Do you happen to have any other New City bottles?
  3. logan.the.collector

    Ghost Labels

    I certainly will never complain over finding a local bottle even in this condition. Yesterday I dug a Saranac Lake NY milk like this too, very different than what I am used to finding
  4. logan.the.collector

    Dug this FIRST KNOWN local pint milk

    On Sunday I went digging at a dump I have pretty much cleaned out. It has provided me with 23 local bottles after this most recent find, which was a huge surprise to me. I ended up digging in a spot under some thorn bushes that I tore up and found a milk bottle wedged between rocks, somehow...
  5. logan.the.collector

    1890s or 1900s pickle jar?

    I figured it was common. He will get a kick out of it being from the UK though! Thanks for the info
  6. logan.the.collector

    1890s or 1900s pickle jar?

    My boss found this pickle jar bottle digging years ago. I figured it was from the 1890s or 1900s. Is it rare or anything special? I think the color is cool
  7. logan.the.collector

    More Local Milk Bottles

    Picked up these nice pyroglaze milk bottles from Tupper Lake today!
  8. logan.the.collector

    Ghost Labels

    Since I started bottle digging years ago, I've come across many pyroglaze / ACL bottles that have been wiped clean by the elements of nature. Always thought it was cool though that most bottles have a ghost label that stays on the bottle forever. This local one I found last night has a very...
  9. logan.the.collector

    Extremely Rare Local Milk Bottle Discovered

    Thank you so much. I honestly didn't believe one would ever be found!
  10. logan.the.collector

    WTB/WTT Vivian, LA or Oil City, LA bottles? Asking for a friend

    If anyone has any bottles from Oil City or Vivian, LA, my friend is on the hunt for them and is wondering if anyone has any they would sell or trade him. He isn't looking for specific brands just bottles from towns in the Oil City / Vivian area. Thanks
  11. logan.the.collector

    Extremely Rare Local Milk Bottle Discovered

    About a week or two ago I went to the antique store and saw this never-before-seen A.S. Hosley milk bottle from Tupper Lake, NY. This makes it around 30 brands that have been confirmed to exist from my town, let alone around double that in varieties. I was so shocked to see this one for sale...
  12. logan.the.collector

    Art-Deco Sodas from Tupper Lake, NY

    I have a lot left to post actually Robby, including a newly discovered milk from here! Stay tuned for posts! Just been too busy right now with my summer job between college to post it
  13. logan.the.collector

    Art-Deco Sodas from Tupper Lake, NY

    Thank you! This year has been great for my collection. I really hit a lucky strike knocking off 10 or 12 varieties I didn't own, many being 1-5 known examples. Very difficult ones are fun to cross off the list. These ones aren't too hard to find, yet they are my first two since 2014.
  14. logan.the.collector

    Art-Deco Sodas from Tupper Lake, NY

    Got these two nice art-deco sodas from my town in the past week. The first one I got today and is a 1947, the other is a 1957 I picked up at an antique shop out of town. They don't quite fit the art-deco time-frame but certainly match the style. The third photo shows the Frenette Bros. side, the...
  15. logan.the.collector

    Richmond KY Coca Cola

    Well, there are two ACL ones from Richmond KY on Ebay and quite a few that have sold before, but that doesn't mean it's not a tougher bottle. The ones from where I live have sold on Ebay several times but aren't very common. That being said, I really have no information on that bottle being...
  16. logan.the.collector

    Ya hate to see it

    Glad you like the bottles Chris, hate to see the Fonda one broken. My streak of good luck ended with shipping that package. Hopefully it comes back for the next package I'm waiting on or I'll be devastated to lose a rare local bottle. USPS scares me with handling bottles every time I send pr...
  17. logan.the.collector

    Rare Local Milk Bottles Purchased in May

    Good question. My collection varies a lot, but I have the most pride in bottles that bear my town's name. However, I do collect anything that I think is cool or odd- especially when talking about my insulator collection. Those I try to collect different brands /styles / CD numbers.

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