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    Very odd Hostetter’s bottle

    Hello, I picked up a strange Dr. Hostetter’s bottle today that I think may be some sort of repro. It’s a dark amber stomach bitters bottle, but it reads “Dr. J. Hostetter’s Stomachic Bitters” instead of “Stomach”. The lip seems off as well, and on the base it an Owens Illinois mark which doesn’t...
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    Mystery 517 Massachusetts Milk Bottle

    Hello, I picked up a mystery half pint Massachusetts milk bottle today, embossed only with the number 517 in the slug plate. I've never seen a milk bottle embossed with just a number like this, and my attempts to research this bottle have turned up nothing, so I was hoping someone else could...
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    S S Co Stoneware Jar

    I picked up this stoneware jar at a thrift store tonight for .99 cents - for that price I couldn't say no. It's 6" tall, and the only markings on it are S S Co with a star stamped into the base. Any help in ID'ing the mark, age and origin would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Strap Sided Flask

    Hello, I'm hoping for a little help from someone a bit more knowledgeable than I am on flasks. I picked up an aqua, quart sized strap sided flask at a thrift store today. Now, the label is certainly a repro, perhaps someone's arts and crafts project or something, but can anyone give me a...
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    Theo Lane & Co 255 West 15 St New York

    Hello all, I picked this older beer / soda bottle at an antique store today for $8 and have been completely unable to find any information on this company through Google, even under a Google book search. I also came up with nothing searching the archives here. Are there any New York collectors...
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    Insulator Find

    Hello, I found a nice aqua colored insulator today while geocaching along a bike trail today. There were several old telegraph poles in the woods running along side the trail, and we found this really nice looking insulator at the base of one of the poles. It's got some light damage, but not too...
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    Got a few up on ebay today

    Nothing super special, a couple of Boston apothecary bottles, a Conn and Jersey milk, a few Conn liquor bottle/flasks and a Free Sample Baker's Great American Specific. Thanks for looking!
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    Rare Rhode Island Hutch up on eBay

    All of the few known RI hutchinsons are very rare, and I believe this is one of the rarest of the rare, and it apprears to be in excellent condition. Way too rich for me, but I'm very curious to see what it ends up going for...
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    $4 Pemberton Wine Coca bottle flea market find to be auctioned.

    "This is the oldest Coke relic there is." What a cool find. This is the sort of thing that keeps me hitting those flea markets!
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    New ebay listings - Mass & RI bottles

    I just put a few up on ebay, all Rhode Island and Mass bottles - a few milks, sodas and a liquor flask from Boston. Thanks for looking!
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    This mornings flea finds, Boston beer and liquor

    I picked up these two Boston bottles at a flea market this morning. Both are in pretty good shape and I've never seen either before. This beer is a blob top John R Maguillion & Co, Cor Tremont & Dover Sts, Boston, and it has it's intact wire bail and pocelain stopper. The liquor bottle flask is...
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    A few up on ebay

    Hello all, I've got a few up on ebay - it's that time of year again, and I'm sooo glad to be hitting the flea markets again. I've got a Long Island blob, a ginger ale, a Mass druggist and a cool Plattsburgh, NY hutch with a spelling error - Plattsburch. Thanks for looking...
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    Henry Weiss New York strap sided flask

    I just listed this one, it's a Henry Weiss New York strap sided flask. I couldn't find any info on it either here at the forum or on ebay, so I'm hoping it does well. Any info on this one would be appreciated. Thanks for looking...
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    Cott six pack holder with bottles

    I picked this up yesterday at a flea market at the right price, a nice Cott six pack carton with 6 Cott bottles. I know the bottles are probably all common, but with the carton they make a nice display. All four of the red labeled bottles are marked Manchester, NH, but the two blue ones have no...
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    Just put a few up on Ebay

    Nothing big, local stuff mainly but I thought I mention it here in case anyone's interested. A Rhode Island med, a Mass milk, a Boston citrate / fire extinguisher bottle, a blob beer from Chester, NJ, apair of nice crude aqua strap sided flasks and a few other items. Thanks for looking...
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    And yet a few more up on ebay.

    I just listed a few, including a nice pair of local druggist bottles. I'll be adding a few more over the weekend. Thanks for looking!
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    Dilema - keep or recycle?

    A friend of mine dug this one recently and was going to recycle it, but I offered to take it and find it a home. What does everyone think - keep it or recycle it? It's a J.W. Fitch's Ideal Dandruff Remover. I really like the bottle, but I hate chips and cracks. As you can see the lip is pretty...
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    Star Of David beer bottle?

    I picked this up this morning at the local flea market. It's a standard aqua crown top beer bottle, but it is embossed with a Star Of David, with a monogram inside the star. As best I can make out, the letters in the monogram are BNAC. Has anyone seen one of these or have any info on it? Thanks...
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    I have a few more up this week

    I have kind of an eclectic mix up on ebay this week, a little bit of everything, all ending Sunday. Thanks for looking!
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    Anyone ever snorkel for bottles?

    I started a thread about snorkeling for bottles a few years ago but never gave it a try - until today. We were going to go digging, but the heat wore me out before I even got to my buddys house, so instead we grabbed the masks, snorkels and fins and went snorkeling in a nice local swimming hole...

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