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  1. moodorf

    My insulators

    Thanks :)
  2. moodorf

    My insulators

    Here is my collection of Insulators I have amassed over the last few months. Mostly Hemingray 40's/42's/45's, some Brookfield "B" Beehives, Whitehall Tatum No. 1's, various ceramic ones, etc Very unlikely I have anything particularly rare, but I do have a handful of green Brookfield CD 152's...
  3. moodorf

    Got chased and stung by bees on an insulator hunt :P

    Got chased and stung by bees on an insulator hunt :P
  4. moodorf

    Another Great Farm Dump Dig

    Wow! Awesome finds!!
  5. moodorf

    Clueless Hoarding

    Porcelain insulators, it seems. I'm thinking that grainy stuff in the second picture is some grit/sand/stuff that got embedded into it. I have an insulator with similar stuff in it:
  6. moodorf

    Got nailed by the plants that leave burning blisters whilst on an insulator hunt XD

    Got nailed by the plants that leave burning blisters whilst on an insulator hunt XD
  7. moodorf

    Just a picture for show and tell

    Nice bottles. I have a JOHANN HOFF too
  8. moodorf

    Tiny bottle

    It's really, really hard to date little vials like this. I agree that based on some of the crudeness of it, it does seem old. Usually I would judge how old something like this is by how old the other glass in it's immediate area is.
  9. moodorf

    Could use a little help with Mason jar, good luck with the other one.

    I'd guess the Mason jar is from 1910's-1920's. The A is dropped, there's no triple L and the underscore is there. Plus, the opened loop "B" bottom. That barrel, no idea. It's cool though.
  10. moodorf

    Cobalt Blue non-twist top with seam that goes over lip?

    I'm kind of perplexed as to how old this bottle is. It has a seam that goes up over and into the lip, so it's a machine made bottle....but the finish isn't a twist on. There's embossing on the bottom but I can't make out what is says, thus no picture. I suppose it could be a Vicks or a Noxzema...
  11. moodorf

    back at it again, need to find new dumps, mine are getting depleted

    back at it again, need to find new dumps, mine are getting depleted
  12. moodorf

    New stuff I've found this week

    As of a few days ago I've been back at it, scouring the woods, creeks, and abandoned railroads for antique bottle/jars/junk. Here's what I've come back with. Haven't found a legitimately cobalt Blue bottle with embossing yet, so I was excited to find this even if it is fairly common. Also...
  13. moodorf

    My latest find.

    That's what happened the last time I hiked to my local place to find something. Came back with a marble after 90 minutes or so of digging around. Bugs were awful. Marble wasn't even in the dump I was digging in, I found it randomly on the way back. This is the most accurate post I've read in...
  14. moodorf

    More Finds...

    I will always give a like to black glass, good stuff
  15. moodorf

    1939 Quality Beverage Bottlw

    Welcome to the forum! Based on the maker's mark it's an Owens-Illinois bottle....which is consistent with the 1939 date. If you already know when it was made, and what company it was made for, what specifically do you want to learn...
  16. moodorf

    my white whale

    Sweet bottle!
  17. moodorf

    Creek walking. Tips, tricks and LAWS

    Yeah I'm doing the same....wearing a backpack with one of these inside also carrying one of these in there too (for tree roots) I haven't used a shovel since I'm always digging in sloped/rocky creek banks. I don't get mistaken for a hiker much though. When I go out hunting I'm not wearing my...
  18. moodorf

    Advice for first permission dig? 1760 home site

    I've never dug at an old historic homestead before, but if I was I'd watch out for old wells and cisterns. Also, don't go out alone if you can and let people know where you are, such as friends or family and when you should be home. Give them an address. You wouldn't want to go to some place...
  19. moodorf

    More of my bottles

    Nice. I found one of those pumpkin shaped bottles last week. Gave it to my mom.
  20. moodorf

    Show and Tell

    I like the middle one

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