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    KY soda/mineral water bottle additions

    Added 3 KY bottles to my collection yesterday. These are in "as dug" condition and were dug in Louisville back in the 70'S or so. The Bakers and G are iron pontil.
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    KY soda / mineral water bottles

    I posted these right before the Web site overhall, but I don't see my post anymore. So here they are again.
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    What is it?

    Howdy, a buddy of mine recently inherited a collection of bourbon bottles (mostly full) and other bourbon go-withs from his grandfather, who use to work in the bourbon industry here in KY. I was wondering if anyone could ID this piece of glass and maybe what it was used for? Is it...
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    New Local Druggist - Stanford KY

    Always looking for local druggists and came across this one tucked away on a shelf in a local junk shop. Excited to add it to my collection of KY druggists. Stanford is a small town ~ 25 mi from where I bought it. The bottle is ~3" tall. [attachment=Stanford Druggist(AY)(1)(1)(1).jpg]
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    Nice amber swirled Mason's Pat 1858

    Just picked this up at an antique store on my way to Nashville. I may sell this and put the money towards more KY hutches depending on what it could sell for. Can anyone give me an rough range in value? It's the half gallon size and in excellent shape. Thanks !
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    Atlas Strong Shoulder w/ Amber

    Found this cool Atlas jar with some great amber swirls. It was hidden among several others at a flea market. Cleaned it up a bit and it's in great conditions. The jar is a very light aqua, not too far off clear. Picture taken on a light box. Anyone know data range of this embossing? I know...
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    Flea market poison finds

    Pretty sure both of these are poisons, but not positive. Regardless, I like the colors and couldn't refuse the price. The dark green says 4oz on the base, and the lighter green says 3oz. I'm thinking the light green bottle is older based on the lip? Both say "Not To Be Taken"...
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    Found unlisted Richmond KY hutch variant

    Was lucky enough today to find this hutch. I know it's a horrible pic, but wanted to share. It was in a mound of dirt next to my office where the folks next door dug up their septic line. I saw a bunch of glass shards, so I started looking for bottles. Unfortunately I think the recent digging...
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    Amber Lightning jar question

    This jar is at an auction, so I was wondering what would be a high end value for this jar, assuming its in excellent shape?Thanks! [attachment=IMG_20140516_211409.JPG]
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    Bottle opener - "Just Say Heigh-Ho / A Premium Beer / Homestead 4242"

    Recently picked up a bottle opener at a flea market the other day, only because it was a beer I had never heard of. I dug around on the internet to learn about the brewery, but all I found was a nice Heigh-Ho beer bottle that sold on eBay that the seller said it was a short lived brewery ftom...
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    Is this fake?

    This is currently in a local auction, and I'm assuming it's not real. Can anyone confirm for me?Thanks![attachment=blue masons.jpg]
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    Louisville KY Hutch collection

    Met an older gentleman today that was a big digger from 70's - 90‘s. Turned out he had a large collection of Louisville hutchs so I made a trip over to his house to take a look. He had 30 hutches from about 10 different bottlers. I wish I would have been able to afford what he wanted for the...
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    Louisville Med

    Was lucky to find another med from KY last weekend. Bottle is in great shape, except the heavy staining. Haven't been able to dig up any info on this Druggist though. Front: Monogram / WmW Smith / Druggist / Louisville, KY.Base: (Arc) W. T. CO. / (Arc) U.S.A. I'm assuming the W.T. CO. is the...
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    Added a new local med - White's Cream

    Ran across this bottle last weekend at a flea market. Anyone estimate age? Front: White's Cream / White VermifugeSide Panel: RICHMOND K.Y.Side Panel: NASHVILLE, TENNBase: 2 [attachment=IMG_8573 (600x800).jpg][attachment=IMG_8575 (800x600).jpg] [attachment=IMG_8576 (800x600).jpg]
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    HT Cologne?

    Found this yesterday and was wondering what the monogram HT stood for (Hoyt?) and if this is likely a cologne bottle? I like the crude neck, which bends to the right slightly and bulges in the middle. Thanks for the help[attachment=IMG_8567 (600x800).jpg][attachment=IMG_8568 (800x600).jpg]...
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    London KY Milks

    Ran across these today in the same antique store. I don't normally buy milks, but I liked the graphics and they are from KY. Anyone know if these are rare? One is a Quart, and the other 1/2 Pint. Front: Yours to Love / Ours to ProtectRear: London Milk Co. / London, KY. / phone 193 Thanks
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    Kentucky Squat Bottles

    Anyone here a KY squat bottle collector? I just picked up my first, and I'm interested in seeing what's out there in this type of bottle for KY. I don't see too many on eBay, so figured I'd see if anyone here could post some pictures if they have some to share? Thanks
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    Blank Hutch ?

    Picked this up at the flea market yesterday. The only embossing on the bottle is a large "Z" that fills up the entire base, and D.O.C. on the back heal (at the base). It doesn't appear to be listed on Hutchbook, but then again not sure if folks keep up with blank embossed hutches. The guy I...
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    Shelbyville KY Druggist Bottles

    Well, not new to my collection, but my father in-law just recently picked up 3 Shelbyville KY druggist bottles at a local auction. They all have the same embossing, just 3 different sizes. He's been looking for Shelbyville or Taylorsville KY druggist bottles for a long time, and he finally...
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    New wax sealer

    Stopped at a local flea market on the way home tonight and found this jar. My 3rd wax sealer to date. I especially like it because its from KY Glas Works and I'm in KY. Its aprox 9 5/8" tall and 4 1/2"wide at base. Few, questions. Would this had been used for home canning or comercial...

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