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  1. Sideways206

    New excavation find

    I found this in the dirt on site today. It's no bigger than my thumb. Other than that, there are no identifying marks. Does anyone have a suggested value?
  2. Sideways206

    Weird piece of glass

    While clearing brush for a new housing site in West Seattle, I found this solid, heavy, weird piece of glass. It has air bubbles all through it and I believe, smaller, colored pieces of glass on bottom. Has anyone seen anything like this before? If so, any information is very welcome.
  3. Sideways206

    Found on site today. Anacin bottle?

    I work for an excavation company in Seattle. Found this today and a Google search said it's a Anacin bottle from around 1942. Can anyone confirm this. I attached a photo of the only identifying marks on the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Sideways206

    Old medicine bottle. Any info on possible value?

    Looking for the possible value of this bottle. I found it during an internal demolition on an old building in downtown Seattle.
  5. Sideways206

    Another new find

    Found this one at work today also. It has a seam, so I know it's old. Any value estimates?
  6. Sideways206

    Soda bottles

    Found this old Coke and 7-UP bottle yesterday. Does anyone have an estimated value of either one or both?
  7. Sideways206

    Prized possession

    My roommate and I found this bottle 4 years ago while doing a demo on the inside of what used to be the Color One photo lab on 2nd Ave extention here in Seattle. We had heard rumors saying that Wyatt Earp once owned this building. When I asked the owner of the building at that time if he had...
  8. Sideways206

    Ed Pinaud bottle.

    Has anyone ever seen a bottle like this before? I work for an excavation company and one of the drillers gave it to me. It was found on site here in South Seattle on October 16th.

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