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  1. moodorf

    My insulators

    Here is my collection of Insulators I have amassed over the last few months. Mostly Hemingray 40's/42's/45's, some Brookfield "B" Beehives, Whitehall Tatum No. 1's, various ceramic ones, etc Very unlikely I have anything particularly rare, but I do have a handful of green Brookfield CD 152's...
  2. moodorf

    Cobalt Blue non-twist top with seam that goes over lip?

    I'm kind of perplexed as to how old this bottle is. It has a seam that goes up over and into the lip, so it's a machine made bottle....but the finish isn't a twist on. There's embossing on the bottom but I can't make out what is says, thus no picture. I suppose it could be a Vicks or a Noxzema...
  3. moodorf

    New stuff I've found this week

    As of a few days ago I've been back at it, scouring the woods, creeks, and abandoned railroads for antique bottle/jars/junk. Here's what I've come back with. Haven't found a legitimately cobalt Blue bottle with embossing yet, so I was excited to find this even if it is fairly common. Also...
  4. moodorf

    Black Opaque Bottle 2: The Thinning (also other bottle finds from my outing)

    Well now that my surgery is over I'm waiting to get the "ok" from my doctor to resume bottle hunting. So I will be hopefully digging up bottles again soon-ish. Anyway, I'd like to share the bottles from my last outing before the surgery (these ones didn't make it into the "my collection" thread...
  5. moodorf

    My Marbles

    I finally got a better phone with a decent camera, so I figured I'd post my marbles here in the hopes someone could tell me if I've got anything good. I know nothing about the specifics of marbles--what's considered desirable, etc--I just know if I see them in the wild I pick them up. I'd be...
  6. moodorf

    My collection for the time being

    This is how my collection is going to look for some time; I'm not going to be acquiring any new (old) glass for a while--it's a long story--so it seems like a good enough time to show my collection off. I'm still working on a way to display them properly in my not-huge apartment....and my...
  7. moodorf

    A couple jars

    I bought these guys for $10 a pop at a local junk store. The one on the left doesn't have the original top though, it's a ball jar top but I can live with that :)
  8. moodorf

    Thinking of finally digging with a shovel...

    Hi guys. So, up until now I've been either creek walking for bottles or doing some fairly superficial digging with a one hand sized garden cultivator. I think I've had a decent bit of luck finding bottles with these methods, but I have a feeling if I dig deeper I'll find even older bottles. I...
  9. moodorf

    black opaque bottle, seems old

    Can anyone give me an idea of what this bottle is or how old it might be? I think it's pretty old. It's almost entirely opaque unless you hold it up to the light. It's very heavy even for it's size. It has some sort of flaw in it and a....dent (yeah, I don't know the terminology yet) it has no...
  10. moodorf

    Some creek finds from today

    A Vicks Vatronol, a MoM bottle, and an Anderson's Beverage soda bottle. Anderson's seems to be made by the same Reed Glass Co from my stretch marks thread. I have two questions if anyone wants to take a whack at them. 1) When was Vicks Vatronol discontinued? 2) Want to help me get a date on...
  11. moodorf

    Stretch Marks on an older crown cap bottle?

    I found a bottle in the woods today. It has these sort of....stretch marks? from top to bottom, all round. I don't believe they're scratches since they're pretty consistent throughout the bottle. They even seem to swirl around at some points, back in on themselves. There are similar swirls...
  12. moodorf

    Nice goodwill jar find

    Stopped at a local goodwill, checked out their glassware section for the first time ever. I'd never done this before because I'm very new to this and told myself I was only going to find bottles/jars and not buy them. There's nothing wrong with buying them or seeking them out in stores of...
  13. moodorf it in poor taste to let maganese glass turn purple?

    I really love the shades of purple this glass can turn, but I read some articles online saying that this type of glass turning purple from sun exposure is technically damaging it. Also, apparently some people are...intentionally irradiating it artificially? I was just wondering people's opinions...
  14. moodorf

    Several bottles need ID, lumping them all in one thread

    I'm not going to clog up this nice forum with my ID requests, so I'll keep them confined to this thread if that's alright with you guys. Some of these might not be strictly bottles, and I'm putting this into the AFTER 1900 forum since I'm thinking many of them will be. But who knows. This first...
  15. moodorf

    Purple Jar with air bubbles

    This is the only other ID I have at the moment. Unfortunately, this jar has no identifying marks whatsoever on it. Some scratches though. The bottom has a vague circle shape and some "waviness" but that's about it. However, the jar is slightly purple and has visible air bubbles in it. Any ideas...
  16. moodorf

    P. D & CO. Bottle ID?

    Alright, hoping I could get a date on this one. This is a brown, seemingly medicinal bottle (nitroglycerin maybe?) with "P. D & CO." blown into the bottom, with the number "365" below it. It is about 2.75 inches tall, about an inch wide, and a little over half an inch deep. It has a couple...
  17. moodorf

    hello from western NY and some bottles for ya

    Hi everybody. :) I've been searching outside for antique bottles actively for about....a week now? I've got a picture here to show what I've found--sorry for the picture quality my phone's been dropped a bunch of times--but I'm not sure if I should ask the questions I have here or in some sort...

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