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  1. BobbyCommonBottles

    .99 cent Auction 22 piece bottle lot. This one a little nicer!!!

    Check my other listings too! Always game for offers.
  2. BobbyCommonBottles

    Will be selling bottle lots BIM for anyone starting to collect. Check the listing on ebay! .99 cent auction

    I am starting to sell of a lot of my collection because I am moving soon and too much to take. Here is the first lot I posted and more to come. Actually some decent bottles in here including a cramers kidney cure from NY with backwards “N’s”.
  3. BobbyCommonBottles

    Bottle collection being sold on Ebay

    My whole bottle collection is up for sale on EBay right now. Slowly adding more. Open to offers. Lots more hutches, meds, blobs, inks...etc *Seller Name: the-antiki-wiki
  4. BobbyCommonBottles

    Nice rare bottles for sale
  5. BobbyCommonBottles

    Downsizing my Collection...Lots for sale Featuring a Rare Rockbridge Spring Alum Water $400 obo Seller Name: Goodluckjon Site: Ebay
  6. BobbyCommonBottles

    Peruvian Bitters For Sale Ebay Nice looking bottle...
  7. BobbyCommonBottles

    RARE Bear Lithia Water Auction.
  8. BobbyCommonBottles

    The HOLE Robbers!

    This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks where some douchelord keeps going in my cleaned out spot and completely caving it in. Caving it in is just plain're not going to find anything in the overburden. I usually fill in my holes anyways but this one is deep in the woods not close to...
  9. BobbyCommonBottles

    This Is Ridiculous! Applied Top? 1800's?;hash=item541bd07237
  10. BobbyCommonBottles

    Auctions going all week, check it out.
  11. BobbyCommonBottles

    Favorite Find That You Kept

    I would like to see everyone's favorite finds still in their possession today! Here are one of mine...
  12. BobbyCommonBottles

    Question about BIM bottles

    My question is do all BIM's have tooled lips? I know there are applied lips and tooled.....I ask because some BIM bottles lips look not tooled to me and I just never asked anyone. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. BobbyCommonBottles

    Did they make a lot of these?
  14. BobbyCommonBottles

    NUKED? Saw this on ebay and thought it just doesn't look right. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. BobbyCommonBottles

    Bottles on Sale Feel free to check these bottles out for sale.
  16. BobbyCommonBottles

    cobalt blue stoneware
  17. BobbyCommonBottles

  18. BobbyCommonBottles

    Primitive Rare Stoneware
  19. BobbyCommonBottles


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