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  1. hemihampton

    Super Rare Hutch.

    Picked up this super rare Hutch the other day. Was totally unknown until 2 were found about 2 Years ago. LEON.
  2. hemihampton

    Picked up a Few Bottles. Some Nice Ones.

    Picked up a few Bottles the other day. Picked up more then I would get at any Bottle show. These came from a Friend of mine. LEON.
  3. hemihampton

    Nice Auction of Killer Bottles.

    alot of nice Bottles in this Auction. Check it out. LEON.
  4. hemihampton

    MRS Tombstone Quart Hutch.

    I don't collect New York Bottles even though I have a few but just liked this one. How often do you see a MRS. on a Bottle & how often a Tombstone Slug Plate on a Quart Hutch. Pretty Cloudy, needs a good Tumbling. LEON.
  5. hemihampton

    Found this ACL & cleaned it.

    Found this ACL about 2 months ago. Figured I'd let it dry out some before cleaning which usually helps retain the paint/color. Which I believe it did in this case. BUT, Maybe not as well as I originally thought. Seems i'm missing the C in Chill on back & some small writing on the front. LEON.
  6. hemihampton

    2 Rusty Beer Cans.

    Got a tip on a Beer Can Dump. Drove 200 miles there & 200 miles back. 400 miles & spent $80 in gas. Ends up I get there only to find a few rusty 1970's Pepsi Cans. Worth totally $$ ZERO, Nothing, zilch. Since I went all that way figured I'd stop by a old dump in the area I found like 20 years...
  7. hemihampton

    Todays Under House Find.

    After Work today drove around the old Run Down Houses in Detroit. First House I stopped at was just Torn down. Found a common Par T Pak Soda Quart from Detroit. One Block over I see a old Abandoned House with a bunch of it's Skirting missing from the front of the Porch exposing the whole under...
  8. hemihampton

    Found this one Yesterday

    Found this one Yesterday after Work. Near my Work they tore down another old house. The whole back yard had the top few inches scraped away, some spots maybe a foot deep. Like usual I walk right to the back corner & as usual I find Bottles because that's where they hide, in back corner, only a...
  9. hemihampton

    Red Arrow Detroit Bottle.

    Just Picked up this Red Arrow Quart Bottle from Detroit Today. You see embossed Bottles but first time I seen this one with this Paper Label. Luckily it arrived unbroken even though the Box Marked FRAGILE GLASS all around Box about 10 times looked like it was Kicked around like a Football. LEON.
  10. hemihampton

    New Bottle Finds.

    They tore down a couple of old house near my work so I checked them out after work. As usual, way in the back Yard where they tore out the Garage Concrete Floor I find a Bottle. A Common West Side Brewery Blob top. totally intact without a chip or crack or any damage, & this is after a bulldozer...
  11. hemihampton

    Flint Michigan Bottle Show. Sunday MARCH 22 nd.

    Good Show. My Flyer not the best so heres a ebay link. LEON.
  12. hemihampton

    Crown Top Bottle Information.

    Thought I'd post this info, to show there was not a mass production or move to start the mass Production of the Crown Top Bottle starting in 1892 like some people think. Hope this helps. LEON.
  13. hemihampton

    2 New Cobalt Blue Bottles with Labels.

    Just picked these 2 up about 3 or 4 days ago. My last 2 Bottles of 2021. Both have Original Labels & Both have alot of embossing on the back. LEON.
  14. hemihampton

    Dug my very Last Bottle of the Year.

    In the past I'd like to post my last bottle dug of the year & the first bottle dug of the year. Usually on this day, December 31 st it's usually 3 feet of snow & temps in the 20's. BUT, Today it was temps in the 40's & no snow, zero. SO, Figured I'd get out & find something. Got a tip on a...
  15. hemihampton

    Dug More Cobalt Blue Hutch's.

    Today on my 1/2 hour Lunch Break I drove by a House they recently Tore down. I go straight to the back of the Property because that's where the Bottles & Privy's Typically are. And if they tear out the Concrete Garage Floor good chance they will kick up some Bottles. BUT, I look around & not...
  16. hemihampton


    Happy Thanksgiving from ME & Altes. LEON
  17. hemihampton

    Some More Bottles from Recent Bottle Show.

    Some more Bottles I picked up at the recent Bottle Show last Weekend. Some rare one here from 1870's. Ruff but Tuff. LEON.
  18. hemihampton

    Hungarian Bottle & a Zynda.

    2 Weeks ago got out to a old spot of mine with James, James dug these 2, a Hungarian Bottle with funny writing that needs decifering & then a Local Detroit Prohibition (rare) ZYNDA Beer Label on a Waupakaneta Ohio Beer Bottle. Not the first time I've seen Brewers Steal others Bottles. LEON.
  19. hemihampton

    Picked up Killer Rare Bottle.

    Picked up this Rare Gem at Yesterdays Bottle Show. Unless your a Michigan Collector you might not be familiar with this Bottle. Even most Michigan Collectors are not familiar with this one or both of them. BUT, Picked up a Super Rare Fred Welsh from the small obscure Town of Oscoda in Northern...
  20. hemihampton

    Need Bottle Manufacturer or Makers Mark Identified, Please Help.

    I have what I think is a 1870's Saloon Bottle from Saginaw Michigan. BUT, on the Bottom it has a Makers Mark I never seen before. D S G Co. & some RBB Letters. Anybody familiar with this oddball manufacturer/mark? LEON.

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