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  1. Foreshore9

    Certo mini..

    Found this cool mini Certo pectin I have three now !
  2. Foreshore9

    Cool jar !

    I found this cool jar I was thinking maybe an old peanut butter can't seem to find a match, anybody ? It has just a Hazel Atlas mark on the bottom 1930....any help thank you !
  3. Foreshore9

    Hit the low tide...

    Good morning in the mud my milk glass jar collection is getting bigger !
  4. Foreshore9

    Looks like a little soda ?

    I found this cool little bottle yesterday maybe a little soda bottle ? Any help much appreciated !
  5. Foreshore9

    Cool milk glass jar !

    My milk glass jar collection is growing slowly found this one today excellent condition !
  6. Foreshore9

    Three in One Oil bottle !

    I found this Three and One Oil bottle in the foreshore so cool !
  7. Foreshore9

    Wellcome Chemical !

    Awesome !
  8. Foreshore9

    Wellcome Chemical !

    Found this cool bottle with such a cool top 1920's so interesting what's out there....
  9. Foreshore9

    Couple inks today !

    All cleaned up !
  10. Foreshore9

    Couple inks today !

    Two ink bottles today one is Sanford's the other unmarked.
  11. Foreshore9

    Condiment bottle ?

    Finally got all the barnacles off looks like some sort of condiment bottle, anybody recognize this ?
  12. Foreshore9

    Square brown bottles...?

    Hello any help identifying these much appreciated !
  13. Foreshore9

    Dad's Root Beer !

    I love this bottle in great shape for being the mud since 1953 !
  14. Foreshore9

    Little pig...

    I was in the mud and this little pig....
  15. Foreshore9

    Tell me this isn't the smallest bottle you've ever seen.

    The one I just found is close, cool find !
  16. Foreshore9

    In the mud today !

    Some cool finds in the foreshore....
  17. Foreshore9

    Milk Glass jar display

    That's amazing !
  18. Foreshore9

    I got one !

    My one marble there's a little the fireshore !

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