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  1. J

    Looking for a Cleo Cola

    I'm looking to trade a large box of soda bottles. These are ACL and embossed (machine and BIM), most from Ohio and in good condition. I will trade these 50+ bottles for one example of a Cleo Cola from Crooksville Ohio. I'm not looking for a mint example, but all of the paint must be legible...
  2. J

    Creekstomping find

    I was walking a local creek looking for bottles while the water level was down, and found this bad boy sticking out of the mud. Parts of it are missing, but it will sit on my shelf proudly.
  3. J

    Digging and finding

    I'm wondering why all the posts not related to digging bottles out of the ground, keep getting posted in this section. I know it gets more traffic, but that doesn't mean we should post anything we want in here.
  4. J

    M. Morath

    This beautiful bottle is a friends, and I was wondering how different it is.
  5. J


    Here's another that I can't find anything on.
  6. J


    Does anyone remember a post with porter or squat type bottles marked only with block letters K Z ? I can't seem to find the post.
  7. J

    1840's privy

    I finally dug an old hole in my hometown, and although it's nice to know that all the old holes aren't sterile, it was a bummer to find out they were dipped. Hole was about 8 foot deep, full of seeds, and the corner closest to the alley had trash packed in it from the dippers cleaning it out...
  8. J

    Thomas Edison

    I'm guessing that this is the zinc plate from one of Tom's batteries. Found this and many dry cell batteries under a stairway, in the old telephone office uptown. Can anyone shed some light on which battery it's from? It is similar to the R.R. battery, but not exact.
  9. J

    Across the pond

    I had to pass this article on. Hope you enjoy it
  10. J

    Indy people, help

    Etched amber bottle, looks like a beer. Cannot find any info, other than company was absorbed into large brewery. Pics later. Metzger Brewing (arched over) MONOGRAM (over) Jac. Metzger (over) Indianapolis, Ind.
  11. J

    Michigan blob soda

    Looking for info on a quart lightning style soda embossed Folger's from Michigan, any info.
  12. J

    Finally a hole

    Finally got in a hole that wasn't completely empty. Here's what I took home. Maybe Doug will post his haul. Sorry, no dig pics.
  13. J

    Different clockface flask

    Looking for info on this one. Different than any other clockface I've dug or seen. Says Good Night inside clock face, and has inverted 5 point star on reverse.
  14. J

    Extract info

    Anyone know origin or rarity of this in smooth base? Compound extract of hops & boneset
  15. J

    Talk about a crier

    Digging a dump, and this tumbled out. CRAP!!!!!!!!!
  16. J

    Civil war buttons

    I found one in the crawl of a cabin, but can't get it clean. Should I make an electrolisis bucket? Is there an easier way? It's pretty solid, but I'm afraid of screwing it up, as it's my first good button. Thanks for any help.
  17. J

    Zanesville pottery piece

    Found this today on my lunch break. I'm trying to figure out who made it, or any other info I can. Ohio Baptist Convention 1826 Centennial Zanesville May 10-13 1926
  18. J

    Some nice paper labeled meds

    Picked these up at an estate sale for a local doctors old house. 1000 Pink Psychic Tablets Trademark The J.F. Hartz Co. Detroit Cleveland Toronto
  19. J


    Couple things from Z-town I've never seen before. Anyone know rarity?
  20. J

    Help with milks, possibly Ohio

    Found these in a HUGE milk dump. Many different dairies, but these have little to go on. I saw what I believe to be a sham listing for it, saying it was from a certain trains dining car, hence the "400".

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