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    Check out these "ultra rare" Poisons HAHAHA! I guess in some parts of the country "ultra rare" and "completely common" are synonyms [:D]
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    WHOA! All I want for Christmas is…this POISON on Ebay!

    WHOA! All I want for Christmas is…this POISON on Ebay! Rare Vapo Cresoline!;hash=item4d179f0882
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    Wouldn't mind adding this to my collection. Extremely rare in Cobalt!;hash=item4d179f0882
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    Bah Humbug! First time and not a good experience.

    Hey All! Just checking to see how your Christmas Exchange went. I sent my partner a bottle and it is now January 16th…nothing received on my end. I was trying to be super understanding, but really?! A month later and nothing. My bottle plus shipping was almost $30. Guess I won't be...
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    Looking for….family dairy

    Looking for….family dairy My family had a dairy from the early 1900s to approx. 1930. It was located in Dixon, CA and was called the Dutra Dairy. If anyone comes across anything from this diary, I would love to purchase it. Unfortunately, my family does not have any artifacts from the family...
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    KC-1 Variant??

    I have a cobalt 3 3/8" KC-1, but very faintly (and crudely) on the shoulder the word poison is embossed. Is this a more valuable variant? I don't see many KC-1s with this embossing and my poison bottle workbook does not mention anything about this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike
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    New Poisons Arrived in the Mail Today

    Hey All. Picked up these two new poisons and I am having trouble "id"ing them. In my Rudy Kuhn workbook, the BOLIC DISINFECTANT is KC-68, although, my ribbing is a bit different and the word SANO is embossed above the BOLIC. Is this the KC-68 but a variant? The other bottle is embossed PURO...
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    Sick of eBay shipping! What is the deal?

    I am curious as to why sellers think it is ok to charge buyers 8, 9, 12, even $15 to ship tiny poison bottles. I mean, come on. I am a seller too and a little bubble wrap and a small box does the trick. Shipping for a couple ounce poison bottle should be like $4. I am reluctant to buy some...
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    California Bottle Show Excitement!

    Hey All! I am headed to Roseville, CA this weekend for The 49er Historical Bottle Association 36th Annual Show and Sale. I have never been to a bottle show and I am STOKED. I will have my Rudy Kuhn Poison Bottle Workbook with me and a backpack full of bubble wrap. There are a few poisons on...
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    New Local Medicine from Santa Cruz, CA

    I "typically" only collect poisons, but I am making an exception these days for any bottle that I can find that is embossed Santa Cruz, CA. I think it is really special to collect bottles that come from where you live. Sometimes you learn something new and sometimes you are reminded of the old...
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    It appears that I have the best girlfriend EVER![attachment=photo-1.JPG]
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    My Collection. New to the hobby.

    Hey All! I have included some pictures of my new collection. I know it is sparse, but you've got to start somewhere [:D]
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    Fillingham Grantham Codd Bottle Value? ID?

    Another aqua codd I picked up at a flew market. It is embossed with FILLINGHAM GRANTHAM on the front, and the back lower portion is embossed with "PATENT SAFE GROOVE 4 SOLE MAKERS DAN RYLANDS BARNSLEY". It has a pretty crude application of the lip with lots of seeds.
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    Buckley's Brewery Codd What is it? Value?

    Greetings all. I went to a flea market recently and picked up a nice aqua coddle bottle. It is embossed with "Buckley's Brewery Limited", "LLANELLY" and "Trade" (The Brewery Logo) "Mark". The base has a cool script "B". Any ideas as to where this bottle is from and the value? Thanks! -Mike
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    New to Hobby Looking for Poisons

    Hey All! I am new to the hobby and looking to add common poisons to my collection. Not much money, but I'd like to get a good run of the common poisons in all colors. I really like the 1890's aqua English stuff...ok, check that, I like them ALL! HAHA another collecting addiction, just what I...

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