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    I can't believe I found one!

    Worth a quite a few tanks of air! awesome catch.
  2. R

    Possible Dump

    Must see pictures of the ground.. Then we can really help.[;)]
  3. R

    Your favorite local piece

    Super rare hometown druggist.
  4. R

    Your favorite local piece

    Sure is Jim. Nice pic too.
  5. R

    Upgraded my shovel

    Cool John. Not as old as me thought! Lol
  6. R

    Upgraded my shovel

    Setting up to put in a pool Jim. The trenches are for drain, pump and gas lines for the tiki torches. Its a side job that I couldnʻt resist due to the fact that this area was an old plantation camp. I dug a ton of bottles a few years ago when the area was cleared for a new home.
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    Did a little tradeing with the Mayor

    Has Tom lost his mind?[:D]
  8. R

    Upgraded my shovel

    Great for trenching Rick!
  9. R

    another gold ring and a terrific blob from Port Huron

    Sheʻs a beauty Bill.
  10. R

    Upgraded my shovel

  11. R

    Deep sea finding

    Thanks Micah! Been working a lot since my wife got hurt.
  12. R

    Deep sea finding

    Good size hourglasses too. My son is an engineer working with the sea rover.
  13. R

    Put me in coach !

    Nice hutch Micah. You are on to some good ones.
  14. R

    first (and hopefully last time) privy experience

    Pretty darn cool bottle. Iʻd wade the pee for that one. [:D]
  15. R

    Another one!!!!

    Glad to see you and the gang out digging and finding too. All the best to you guys!
  16. R

    Another one!!!!

    Been working a side job digging a swimming pool. Its been a blast. Got some killer bottles bro. Just to darn busy to clean and post.[;)] When the jobs done Iʻll post.
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    Deep sea finding

    what crazy fun that would be! [:)]
  18. R

    Deep sea finding

    Did you see the large pontil dem-john or was it a onion bottle?

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