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  1. J

    Wanted: Moxie bottle related wall-mounted opener

    I collect Moxie items, I have never seen one personally and don't know of any, I'll have to look at my book to make sure though.
  2. J


    Hi all I have neglected this site for way to long, SORRY :( Back here now. For those of you who have forgotten I am looking for Bottles from Westport, Massachusetts, Acoaxet, Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Mass, and Fall River Mass. I am also looking for pyros with images of trains on them. Thanks...
  3. J

    Westport, MA bottles wanted....

    Looking for Milk Bottles of any sorts from Westport, Massachusetts as well as any other types of bottles, I know there is a medicine. Also looking for a Nanaquaket Dairy bottle from Tiverton RI. Message me with what you have, thanks. -Sam
  4. J

    Found this insulator at work...

    I work for a RR in MA, we were working on our tracks behind Gillette Stadium a few weeks ago and I found this completely intact insulator just laying on the ground. No chips or cracks. I believe it to be a newer high voltage insulator. A guy on a FB group said it may have been from a trolley...
  5. J

    POULOS BROS. farm

    The Milk Route. It is a huge help, I am member.
  6. J

    The Moxie that got away....

    Thanks Taylor. I usually try at 3
  7. J

    The Moxie that got away....

    Please send me a picture if you can
  8. J

    The Moxie that got away....

    Red thank you for that. I'd be interested.
  9. J

    I have a lot of new additions....

    [attachment=11094721_101528122...137609838584_n.jpg] [attachment=BojumaEmbossedQuart.jpg] [attachment=BojumaPint.jpg]
  10. J

    I have a lot of new additions....

    [attachment=11069629_101528276...926258981698_n.jpg] [attachment=11110581_101528276...275512676654_n.jpg] [attachment=11138493_101528276...654872779001_n.jpg]
  11. J

    I have a lot of new additions....

    Been a little neglectful to this site lately, I'm always on my phone and it hates this site for some reason. But here are a lot of Westport and Acoaxet Milks I scored a few weeks ago making my collection about 95% complete. Enjoy. [attachment=11046446_101528122...206319678550_n.jpg]...
  12. J


    Can you send a pic of the Freetown and Berkley bottle, I know a guy that might be interested. Also I'm guessing all the Taunton bottles are embossed. I'd be interested in TRPQ's. Looking for Westport/Acoaxet Mass bottles as well. And a bottle that says "Hillandale" no town on it, it's a Westport...
  13. J

    United Beverage Bureau Books, finally accessed!

    Awesome. Did you happen to get the Fall River, MA stuff. Pretty sure there weren't any bottlers in Westport, did they have milk bottlers listed though? Great work!
  14. J

    Looking for Union County PA milk bottles

    Dan they have one you might want: 161 Pyro Garner Dairy Co, Uniontown PA, 2 sided, “amber” square quarts, 2 lots There's a lot more lol
  15. J

    Looking for Union County PA milk bottles

    Dean I am hoping some of the stuff we are looking for is in there lol
  16. J

    Milk Bottles Wanted...

    Looking for Westport and Acoaxet Massachusetts milk bottles. All shapes, sizes, embossed or pyroglazed. Also looking for TRPQs from Dartmouth Mass and possibly some pints/half pints. Looking for a Tiverton RI Nanaquacket Dairy bottle embossed and pyro. Also a Dighton Rock Farm Green TRPQ...
  17. J

    SE Mass Milks Wanted...

    Yeah I'm in a rut, I just picked a bottle up off ebay, but it's one I'm keeping for trade because it's pretty rare.
  18. J

    Does anyone know this guy??

    Never heard of him but I hope you bring this jerk down. No need for that.
  19. J

    SE Mass Milks Wanted...

    I have some sizes listed, those are sizes I have, I am looking for anything and everything from Westport/Acoaxet size doesn't matter! lol
  20. J

    SE Mass Milks Wanted...

    I'll put 2 lists up. Obviously looking for Westport and Acoaxet Milk Bottles still. Also Looking for Dartmouth Mass milk bottles as well :) Westport Dairy List Manuel J. Pavao, Westport Fortuna Rioux, No. WestportBojuma (close to Acoaxet) (Westport Harbor or Acoaxet on bottle) Tripp (N...

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