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    Looking to date my bottle

    i have a pint size bosch beer bottle with markings on the bottom. having a hard time finding info about the markings on the bottom. see the drawing for the markings. never saw a bottle with the 88 on it. trying to date my bottle. can anyone one help ?
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    ISO This Milk Bottle

    looking for this quart milk bottle from nelsons cloverland creamery manistique michigan,
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    ISO Milk Bottle

    looking for a quart milk bottle from the cloverland creamery manistique mich with the big springs on the backside see enclosed photo and contact me at
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    question for ebay sellers

    early this past saturday i found a bottle i wanted on ebay and used the buy it now option. so i paid with paypal and was pretty happy that what i thought was a good deal . later saturday i got a message from the seller stating he made a mistake with the by it now price and he wanted more money...
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    Auman's Root Beer

    Picked up this gallon bottle today. Auman's Root Beer Fountain Sirup. Made by Norval L. Auman Illnois. the city on the lable say Galena looks like some of the lettering is missing. Bottle was free. it's dated 1967. trying to find info on the company. I looked up Norval's name. Lived in Galena...
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    Green Pepsi

    id pepsi ever use green glass bottles or is this just a label glued on a green bottle ?
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    Sheikh Arrested

    here's the info
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    Blue Hutch

    Picked this up on good friday. Not a perfect example but only the 3rd one i ever seen. Says " the twin city bottling works chas. klien prop" it's from calumet michigan in the upper peninsula
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    7 UP Info Needed

    What year did 7up start using ACL bottles ? Im thinking of purchasing a 7 up six pack container with bottles from an out of state antique mall. it's all original and the dealer states it's from the 1930's. i don't have a photo of the item.
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    opinions needed

    picked up this seltzer off ebay. first photo is the one used by the seller on ebay. second is one i took when it arrived. notice the difference in the lettering in the photo's. seller states his photo was taken outdoors in the sun. while my photo was taken indoors. seller states the lettering...
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    Shill Bidding

    During this past week i found a bottle on the bay that i have been looking for. It's nothing special just an acl i want for my collection. auction ends sunday. There was one bid on the bottle by a user with zero feedback. So i waited a day or two and made my bid. I was the high bidder at the...
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    4 U Beverage

    Got these two in the mail today. The one on the left doesn't have the writing on the back like the one on the right has. Both have different writing on the front label. The left is a 6.5oz and the right is 7oz. Both from H W Elson's bottling in Ishpeming Mi. Don't think it's a soda. Can anyone...
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    ISO ACL Bottle

    once again im looking for a bottle from the upper peninsula of michigan. it's "SNO Soft Drinks " from escanaba mi. has a snowman on the front. the one on ebay that ends in about 3 hours is more than i can afford at this time. so if anyone has one or knows of anyone that's willing to part with...
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    Regarding Ebay

    is the any way to contact a winning bidder after an auction ends ? Was watching a bottle and i know it had a phony label glued on it and the buyer got ripped off. i pointed out the fact to the seller the first day and i was asked what should should be done about the label and i told the seller...
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    Stuck Top

    I just received a nice seltzer bottle in the mail. inside needs to be cleaned. seems the top is stuck and it won't come off. i can turn it a bit but nothing else. i think the two piece ring might be fused to the top that has the stem. Before i break it anyone have any ideas on how to remove the...
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    are you serious

    nobody can be this dumb.
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    Looking For An ACL

    Im looking for a Tahquamenon ACL bottle. Green & White label . Made in Newberry Mi. Sorry no photos of it. I couldn't afford the one that sold on ebay. If anyone has one and is willing to part with it. let me know. Thanks
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    Re Label ACL

    found this on ebay. ACL bottle with a different bottling company label. I contacted the seller and told her the label isn't original to this bottle. her response was her cousin is married to the last owner of the bottling company and they would slap labels on recycled bottles. the bottle is...
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    My Display

    I used to collect 1/24th scale cars. Got out of that a few years ago. I turned these acrylic cases on their side and use them to put my bottles in. Best thing is no dusting of the bottles. I have 6 of these cases all contain bottles
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    Hey Druggistnut

    Bill , Im wondering if you're getting any of my messages i sent to you. I haven't seen any response. Id like a list of the UP bottles you have. Thanks Joe

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