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  1. Q

    "Lion" The Great Blood Remedy and Alternative Tonic

    Wow, thank you!! It's the only time I've seen this company mentioned anywhere. Adding this on a few minutes later. I searched W.N. Ruffin of Danville. Found an article from Dec 10, 1912 New York Times. Apparently he was the great, great grandson of Thomas Jefferson. I love this stuff...
  2. Q

    "Lion" The Great Blood Remedy and Alternative Tonic

    I got this one in a box lot at an auction. I have not been able to find any information about the company, Lyon Blood Purifier Co., Roanoke VA. Love how they used Lyon and Lion. Looks like it's never been opened. I cannot find a date on it anywhere. I would appreciate any information about...
  3. Q

    Hi from Aquadale, NC!

    My main passion is old medicine bottles. But I'm apt to buy anything that strikes my fancy. I have milk, soda, whisky and misc other bottles. And if it's naturally turned purple by the sun, that has my wow factor! So I'm always looking for those.

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