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    Upgraded my shovel

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    Deep sea finding

    Wow check it out gang. My son is leaving out of Rhode Island tomorrow for another three week expedition. Look at the April 26th dive in the gulf of Mexico. Bottles everywhere.
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    GI Dog Tag

    Dug this up. I covered the # for privacy. Looks WWII or Korean war? Found in a 1900 to 1950ʻs dump. What do you think?
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    FBI interviewed Terror Suspect in 2011

    Eric, are we living in that much fear that we canʻt even have dialog? You locking Ricks thread for fear of what? Politically Correct = Terrorism win, We all loose! WASHINGTON -- The FBI and other law enforcement agencies were aware of at least one of the Boston terror suspects for...
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    miles vs money

    one light year equals 6 trillion miles. nearest star outside our own, Alpha Centauri 4 light years or 24 trillion miles. nearest galaxy, Canis Major 25,000 light years or 150,000,000,000,000,000 miles. earth is 30,000 light years from the center of our own galaxy. United States debt...
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    famous people we've all met

    Up late the other night, just scanning the boob tube I ran across the start of "Easy Rider". Old 1969 film with Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. For some reason I had to watch it as I had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with Dennis Hopper back in 1995 when they were filming...
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    Gun owners beware

    The new legislative session has started and the ding dongs are out. Check this Hawaii Senate Bill that was just introduced. The scare crow is in need of a brain!
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    Bottle identification

    Iʻm lazy. Does anyone know where this bottle is from? time period? Its a round bottom, applied top. My guess is 1870ʻs - 1880ʻs. Location would be great. Thanks.
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    The old mill site

    Happy New Year! Yesterday I was fortunate to end the year with a fun outing and a few interesting bottles. I could not resist the opportunity to check out the clearing of this old sugar mill site. It was a beautiful, peaceful morning. I love this pic. Reminds me of some old Roman ruins.
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    one for sic ric

    sorry bro I couldn't resist.[:D] Never know what the cat brings home....[8D]
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    Wow its been awhile since my last post! But I haven't stopped exploring, hunting, bottle digging and enjoying life. Hope all is well with the gang and look forward to the blue pages once again. On a recent hunting trip I stumbled upon this old benchmark. I was wondering if any you have...
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    What happened to Swizzle?

    Has anyone been in contact?
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    A little peek

    Finally got back out to that secret spot of mine. Its a bit of a hike as the only access road was gated off several years ago. This spot is a killer TOC dump and is super dangerous dig. Figure I mention it for the faint of heart.[:D] The banana patch. I'm real close.
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    real crazy

    Well I am just speechless on this one.... Chip included.[&:]
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    Say what!

    2008 debate.. I thought this was Obama's plan. His plan now sounds like Hillary's.
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    just the thought of this is scary

    I guess the climate change clan will stop at nothing....[&:]
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    Another solar company takes a hit

    Very unfortunate trend. Is China out gunning us in Solar technology?|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
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    Philly gang

    Check out the show![;)]
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    govt protest

    Our local culture has been under attack and now its out of control. The environmental/conservation movement is killing off our food source, culture and overall access to our public lands. We've been protesting, submitting testimony and coming together with other groups to try to stop this...
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    Vacation pics

    I took a week off and did a bunch of camping and stuff with my daughter who was able to come home for my birthday. I had a great time![:)]

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