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    Green Safety Valve set

    Hi Folks. My buddy has this set of green Safety Valves. I'm sharing the pic with you. I've never seen a quart or half pint before. It's a beautiful set. Best regards to all. Paul
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    Marble reconditioning

    Hey Folks. I used to tumble bottles and jars and have always wanted to try reconditioning a marble. I finally was able to try this. These are my first three reconditioned german handmade glass marbles. I know there is a lot to learn but it was fun doing this. I'm hooked. I would only...
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    7 Sisters

    Hi Folks. I recently bought this from a buddy of mine. I'm sure you have all seen the 7 Sutherland sisters hair grower bottle before, I don't think they are hard to find. What I bought from my buddy that I think is a little more scarce is this pic showing the 7 sisters showing off their...
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    Zipperer's For Sale

    Hello. I have 9 Zipperer bottles from South Bend Indiana. I want to sell them as a lot. If interested send me an offer. Thank you. From left to right. Hutches Alex Zipperer - South Bend Ind - base AZ - case wear - dug condition (stained) Otto J Zipperer - South Bend Ind - base...
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    My new Hero

    Hello bottle friends. About a month ago when I was looking around for items to take to the Kalamazoo bottle show I found a box of dug stuff I had forgot about. This jar was in the box. My buddy Bill (justanoldigger) and his wife stayed with us for the weekend so I asked him to clean this...
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all our Mother bottle friends on the forum. Make it a great day. Paul
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    My new jar

    Hello Glass buddies I was fortunate to acquire this Root jar at the Kalamazoo show yesterday. The dealer held it back for me but had 20 other guys wanting to buy it. He's a good friend to keep it back for me. This jars yellow color is great but the really unbelievable and greatest...
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    Lake Geneva WI bottle auction 3/24

    Hi Folks. I just stumbled across this auction in Wisconsin this coming Sunday March 24th and thought somebody here might want to go to it. Looks like there are some bottles in this auction. Good luck if you attend. Paul Bottle Auction Estate Auction #1 for Nancy & Richard Fish...
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    Bidu Soda - ACL

    Hello Folks. A friend of mine has been trying to find out some value on this bottle he has. I looked it up in the ACL Soda bottle book third edition and it's listed as a decent bottle. For Wenatchee WA 98-2001 $44. For Caldwell KS no price just listed as VR. Book lists them both at 10...
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    A few of my cokes

    I've been seeing folks post their Coca Cola bottles so I finally dug a few of mine out. These are some of my faves. Hope you like them. Paul from left to right First Pic Key West - Sun Colored Amethyst Muskegon Michigan - dark aqua Florence Alabama - Amber Macon Georgia -...
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    Indiana Marble club show Jan 12, 2013

    Indiana Marble Club Saturday, January 12, 2013 Comfort Inn & Suites at the Pyramids, Indianapolis, IN (317)875-7676. In-room trading Thursday and Friday Room rates $59
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    Christmas marble

    Hi All My Grandson Joey collects marbles with me. I gave him some marbles for Christmas and he gave me this marble. It was a real surprise and I think pretty darn cool. Hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all a very healthy & happy 2013. Best regards. Paul :)
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    Marble Cab

    Hello All My wife and I were antiqueing last Friday and she found this cabinet and said since I have a birthday coming up next month that I should have it for my marbles. The drawers are perfect for marbles. It was originally a lawyers paper cabinet and some of the papers were from the...
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    Marble pics

    Hi Folks. I took my 10 year old Grandson to the Canton Ohio marble show this past weekend. He and I both picked up some nice marbles. It gave me an incentive to get them displayed with the rest of my collection. Hope you like them. Paul :)
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    stoneware wax sealers

    Hi Folks. I went to a guys house the other day to buy some marbles and his dad has a large collection of stoneware. These were the only two wax sealers he had. I bought them both. Both are the same but one has a little crisper stenciling than the other. Just sharing with you. Hope you...
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    Hi Folks. I bought a small collection of sulphide marbles a couple days ago. I bought them from a guy who is in college and decided to part with his collection. He had collected them over 15 years so I guess he bought one a year? There are 15 total. I don't really know much about...
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    Beekman Pulmonic Syrup

    Hello All I posted a pic of my newest Piso bottle yesterday and my buddy Justanolddigger said I'm on a roll for finds and asked me to share another new find of mine with all you nice folks on this forum so here it is. Most of you will probably like this bottle more than my newest Piso...
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    New Piso's Cure

    Hi Everybody. I know not too many folks get excited over common Piso bottles but I kind of like them. I just wanted to share a new Piso bottle for my collection. I don't get too many Piso's for my collection that I don't have anymore so this was a super surprise. I went to a...
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    A tough to find Ball Mason

    Hello All. This is my newest acquisition. I had another one of these years ago and traded it and wished I didn't. Now I have another one. Redbook 235. Good luck to all buying or digging items for your collections. Best regards. Paul
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    Historical Meeting

    Hello All. My Grandson and I dug a ladies yard awhile back here in Niles Michigan and she asked us if we would be interested in giving a presentation at the local historical society meeting and of course we agreed. Last night was the night for the meeting and it went pretty well. The...

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