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  1. J

    What do you collect for milks?

    I collect only Perry County Ohio bottles, but of any type. We only have a hand full of pyros, but there are plenty variations of slugs, and many of those are very hard to find. I search sales and auctions as well as dig and trade to find them, but digging seems to be my best chance at the rare...
  2. J

    Weirdest Privy Dig Ever

    Go back when they start digging the foundation, as they will be uncovering the rest of the privies for you if the new building is on the back of the lot. [;)]
  3. J

    cd numbers ?

    Go back with a pitchfork. Push it in the muck slowly, like 4 little probes. Works great in swampy areas.
  4. J

    Creekstomping find

    I agree on the rarity. Imagine shipping on this though. It's about a yard of concrete, full of the same insulator in different colors, and they're all marked. Unfortunately, you can see up close that they're all shattered from the concrete stressing them. This was found quite a distance away...
  5. J

    Looking for a Cleo Cola

    I'm looking to trade a large box of soda bottles. These are ACL and embossed (machine and BIM), most from Ohio and in good condition. I will trade these 50+ bottles for one example of a Cleo Cola from Crooksville Ohio. I'm not looking for a mint example, but all of the paint must be legible...
  6. J

    Creekstomping find

    Whole would've been better, but this mark makes it a keeper. Happy hunting!
  7. J

    Creekstomping find

    I was walking a local creek looking for bottles while the water level was down, and found this bad boy sticking out of the mud. Parts of it are missing, but it will sit on my shelf proudly.
  8. J

    Honored to be a hutchbook specialist!

    Nice job Jim! That ambitious project, is now a reality.
  9. J

    1st new site this year

    I guess that's what I get for using an ebay reference.
  10. J

    1st new site this year

    Sorry, I was wrong.
  11. J

    1st new site this year

    The metal thing is a jar press. For pressing the maximum amount of food into a jar before canning.
  12. J

    more bottles from an old house.

    Do those star flasks happen to have a clock face on the other side?
  13. J

    help with this hutch

    Hutter is on 47 different hutches, just in New York. Front: D. G. YUENGLING JR. / BREW. CO. / SARATOGA BRANCH / REGISTERED Back: THIS BOTTLE / NOT TO / BE SOLD Base: K. HUTTER / 10 / B / NEW YORK Front: D. G. YUENGLING JR. / BREW. CO. / SARATOGA BRANCH / REGISTERED Back: THIS BOTTLE /...
  14. J

    post a pic of your bottle display

    Thanks guys. Unfortunately, our whole county is void of beers. Unless there's an unknown ale from Somerset Ohio. I am always on the hunt for anything local, but have never found a local med anywhere but in the dirt. Milks and acl sodas are the only thing I've ever been able to buy, which...
  15. J


    lol I forgot about it. Was doing some research last night, and refound it.
  16. J


    Jim, I think those are marked L.P. Buckley. He produced root beer.
  17. J

    Digging and finding

    That was funny. Good to see that no matter how long I stay away from this site, there is always some witty character waiting to chime in. I was referring to the posts about ebay listings, things to do when you're not digging, and a couple others, which also have their own section on this site...
  18. J

    post a pic of your bottle display

    Some pipes. The stems are original, and were both found behind a mantle in an abandoned house. Someone bumped it, and dislodged the one on the bottom. It's such a pain to get the shadowbox open and reclosed, that I haven't got around to straightening it back up. Last one for me, thanks for...
  19. J

    post a pic of your bottle display

  20. J

    post a pic of your bottle display

    Both sides of the kitchen sink hold colors, labels, as well as pontils and some flasks.

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