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    My first local Druggist

    Due to circumstances, I don't get out as much as I would like...But ,last week I made a day of it and found this local bottle. Thru Goggle, I've narrowed the age is from 1923-1928. Embossed on side: Bradley's Drug Store On The Corner Matoaka,W.Va. I'm excited about this bottle...
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    warm up

    Hi It's a balmy 42 degrees here already today!! First time above freezing in a week. Just maybe I'll make it out for a few hours around Tuesday. Cabin Fever is making me crazy!!! Ron
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    carbide lamps and oiler

    Hi I found these back in the Summer at a long lost coal camp dumpsite. The lamp on the left is a Guy's Dropper, on right is an Auto Lite. The Guy's Dropper was made after 1925, Don't know about the AutoLite.
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    Southern WV

    Hi, I've been a member for 3 months, and have lurked around this forum for a year or so. Thought it was time I checked in. I find this site both informative and entertaining. Most of my digging is done around abandoned coal camps and mine sites. It works for me, because my main interest is...

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