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    A loss

    Seems that when things go wrong, this is one of the first places we come. You all have always been there for us and we know that. That is why I'm taking the time right now between my tears to ask that everyone here please keep us and Jamie's sister's family in your prayers. Her husband, Dean...
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    To all of Jamie's and my friends on here---I just wanted to thank you all for all of your wonderful words and prayers, and to ask you to please remember me in the coming weeks. The pain in my back seemed to be getting better, but I started having terrible pain in my left leg. Finally broke down...
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    Barbers bottles for sale

    Here are a couple of barbers bottles that Jamie plans to take to the Rome Bottle Show in February. He and I decided to offer them for sale on here first though, in case any of you are interested and won't be able to make the show. The first bottle is an amethyst, hobnail barbers bottle made...
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    Three nice bottles for sale

    Jamie has decided to sell three more of his nicer bottles if anyone is interested. Pictures, descriptions, and prices will follow. Price does not include postage. If interested, PM Jamie and he will go over the details with you in private. Jamie has asked that, if you are interested, you send a...
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    Marble pictures

    Jamie has a bunch of machine made marbles and he's looking to sell them all. I will be posting several pictures. If you see a marble in a grouping that you would like more detail on, please let us know and we will take a better picture of the marble in question. In all Jamie has 279 marbles. He...
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    Pennsylvania Picture Hutch

    Jamie (glassman) has asked me to post a few pictures of a Pennsylvania Picture Hutch that we have had for a few years. Our brother-in-law gave it to me and we're curious about how rare it is and what it might be worth. There is some case wear on the letters, small scratches here and there but it...
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    For Red (Bird swing and Leaf)

    Jamie asked me to post the following pictures. First is the bottle Jamie got for Christmas from Sam (athometo). Even though it is machine made and probably from the 1930's, Jamie says it has an unbelieveable bird swing. He said he thought those were only found in blown bottles.
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    Pictures of the family

    Jamie asked that I post a couple of pictures of him, our daughters (which some would say are only mine because I married Jamie, but they are my daughters), our son-in-law, and one of our grandchildren. We had a get together at Rachel, the youngest's, home. Both of the girls are in graduate...
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    At Last! Here They Are!

    First is this huge cathedral pickle. It is almost 13 inches high and about 5 inches across the base. There is a 2 inch light inside haze all around the bottle at the bottom. It is aqua. Super Mint besides the above mentioned haze. It is smooth based. Asking price $250.00
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    Thanks to our wonderful state government and all the money they've spent over the past four years (or maybe it's just the way the economy is going to hell in a hand basket , but this year we no longer have the luxary of Homestead Exemption on our State and LocaL PROPERTY TAXES. This means that...
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    Just wanted to be the first to wish my baby a very Happy Birthday. Your love means more to me than you will ever know, and I am so thankful to have you in my life. I wish for you good health, loving friends and family, and great bottles always. You pulled me right into this beautiful world of...
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    By the Time we got to Woodstock.....

    In August 0f 1969 I was 12 and Jamie was 15. Knew about Woodstock. Wanted to go. But by the time we got to Woodstock we were 25 years too late. There were crowds when we were there in 1994 for the 25th anniversary, not like '69 by no means, but they came from all over the United States. Young...
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    Meet the Wild man!

    Everyone on here has met through pictures Jamie's and my oldest nephew. Please allow me to present his younger brother------ For the most part he's a loveable playful child. Here's the proof.
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    Ink, Mucilage, Honey or Mustard Jar?

    For two years, Jamie has been researching on e-bay a bottle that he has in his collection. Over the last two years, he has found five examples of the bottle he has. The dealers list the bottle as and ink mucilage bottle, but when he writes to the dealers to ask them if they are sure what the...
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    Ink, Mucilage, Honey or Mustard Jar

    For the past two years Jamie has been looking for info or other bottles on sale on e-bay like the one that he has in his collection. Over the two years, he has located f similar bottles on e-bay and they have been listed by the dealers as ink mucilage jars. When he has questioned the dealers...
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    John C Baker & Co. Med

    Jamie says he is assuming this bottle is a patent medicne because of it's shape and "John C. Baker & Co.". It is a little over 9 and 1/2 inches tall, blue/aqua, bimal, light overall haze on out side, (Jamie put a light amount of olive oil on the outside to take away the haze). He said, "Thank's...
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    Goodbye Walter

    Just heard the news. We've lost one of the last great pioneers of evening news. Walter Cronkite has died at age 92. For me, he was one of the last great trusted TV journalists. We lost something special when he stepped down from the CBS evening news, and I will always remember him as a great...
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    My newest possessions

    Last weekend my neice and and I went to some yard sales in the area. I thought I would show the three pieces that I picked. The first few pictures are of some items I accquired for part of my sister-in-law's Christmas. She loves colbolt items, and I just couldn't resist these two. The first is a...
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    More of Jamie's bottles

    Thought while I had a minute I would post a few more close-ups of some of Jamie's bottles. Peace
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    They're Dropping Like Flies

    Today the entertainment industry lost 2 more. Fayette Pinkney, a member of the singing group Three Degrees, passed away from acute respiratory failure. The group was best known for the song "When Will I See You Again". Also actor Karl Maulden died from natural causes at the age of 97. Best know...

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