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    Delaware County PA Bottles

    Hi Looking for bottles from Delaware County PA. Chester, Media, Aston,Clifton Heights are just some of the town names thanx
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    Looking for embossed bottles Delaware County PA

    Visit my web site. I collect milks, meds, sodas/beers Thanx Ron Fellman
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    1700's Trash Pit

    Digging behind an old tavern. We haven't hit the old glass yet but I did dig what I think is a sharpening stone. Can anyone date it ? thanx
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    PATENT green squat style bottle?

    Dug this bottle today in Delaware County PA - outside of Philadelphia. The bottom is indented but does bot have any writing on it. Can some one give me info on the bottle ? Age, Origin, what it was used for etc. Thanx so much
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    Delaware County PA Milks

    I collect Delaware County Pa embossed milk bottles... plz take a look at my web is very basic. My objective is to record ( have a picture of bottle or the actual bottle) as many embossed bottles as possible. If you have any that you are willing to part with, please send me a...
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    I am looking for milk bottles from these towns in Delaware County Pa . Anybody else collect these bottles?Ardmore / IthanBooths CornerBoothwynBrandywineBryn MawrChadds FordChesterChester HeightsCheyneyCollingdaleConcordvilleDarbyDarlingtonDrexel HillEddystoneEdgemontFolcroftGlen...
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    E.G. Booz

    I met an elderly man Saturday who told me his great grandfather started the EG Booz Co and he didn't have a bottle. I looked on ebay and there are many bottles. I am guess that they are very common? Some of them seem very inexpensive..What should I look for if I want to buy a bottle for him ? thanx
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    Roslyn Farms Dairy pint Pennsylvania or NY ?

    Found in SE Pa... top broken but just curious where it is from.... no town on bottle. It is an embossed pint w writing in slug. Sorry no pic- I left it at the dump.
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    Tumbler... strange question

    Someone offered me a hot dog roller ( for free) ...the heating elements do not work but the rollers do. Can I use this to tumble bottles - if I get canisters from the Jar Dr?
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    Torricellas Milk

    Milk & Dairy bottles:
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    Torricellas Milk Bottle

    Has anybody ever heard of this dairy? We found it in Delaware County Pa...out side of Phila thanx
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    D&D eight sided bottle

    Can anybody tell me what this is? I live in South Eastern Pa thanx
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    Today's Dig...kinda

    Went to a new spot today that we got a lead on. We did not get a chance to dig because these bottles and more were on the surface... less than 3 inches down.. Phila & Chester ( plus other towns) squats, blobs, meds, etc.... going back tomorrow to figure out what is going on...more pics next post
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    looks like a bayonet... found it in a ash dump 2 feet down...
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    Torricellas Milk

    Found this weekend in Delaware County Pa ( outside Phila)No town... Any ideas?
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    Found in Southeastern Pa

    I found this bottle 40 years ago and forgot I had it... any help identifying it? It was dug in a dump.there are 3 pics...Top/lip & Bottom show seam on bottom at edge but does not continue across bottom.. is this a hinge mold even though it doesn't continue across the bottom?Side 1 - w logoSide...
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    Went digging yesterday in Delaware County Pa. on some land we have permission. In the fall we found a crater ( 15 ft dia) in the woods and some shards a foot or so down. It was all covered in a foot or two of leaves so we knew we could go back at any time in the winter. Saturday morning we...
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    Is this a fake or reproduction Dyottville?

    I don't know much about these bottles but I thought the factory operated until the 1920's or so...It just looks odd...
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    NEW YEARS EVE - Delaware County Pa

    We went out for a few hours yesterday and found a new dump. It was dark when we found it so we only got to scratch the top for 15 minutes. We found a few blob top soda's and these 2 Wawa Milks.. a half pint and a 1/4 pint !
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    Delaware County Pa Milk Bottles

    Looking for Delaware County Pa Milk Bottles... plz send description and price. thanx so much

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