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    Recent heart breakers

    heartbreakers You're right Nola.River.Rat to be disappointed with these heartbreakers. I found a Guldens like yours several years ago and learned it was a forerunner to Guldens mustard and thought it to be a triangular capers bottle. I sold mine for $100, now I wish I had kept it :o
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    Old Overholt Medicinal Flask Date?

    I agree with both CanadianBottles and WesternPA...without the label, I would think it was late 1800's, and maybe there were hundreds or more, stockpiled at the distillery that had to be used up, maybe it was a bottle being re-used. Either way, it is a nice looking, clean, crisp strap sided flask...
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    Life root mucilage Pontil bottle.

    without seeing it up closer, it could be "flint" glass. Flint was added to the mixture in early clear glass bottles. It gives the glass a greyish tint, but still clear.
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    Elbows Deep in the Muck...then, Some Luck!

    We divers do get lucky once in a while...:o
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    Insulator kind of day !!!!!

    Great photos... love those close-ups...
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    Stoddard Double Eagle

    Thanks shotdwn, after many years, this bottle still holds a special place in my heart... :rolleyes:
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    Stoddard Double Eagle

    Still my prized possession... "Glass from the Past..."
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    Westinghouse, old spoon, little iron...

    Cool stuff... keep on digging! :o
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    Impromptu dig behind the house tonight

    Not bad... instead an after dinner cocktail, you have an after dinner "evening dig"... Cool finds. I like the amber strap sided flask. Anything on the base? Curious to see what else you dig up:p
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    Bees... I would assume that if someone is maintaining his website, then there are probably some books to buy. When the website goes down, then you would have to keep an eye on eBay, face book or in second hand stores. Give the website a try and then get back to us
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    Detroit Demolition Find again, Part 2?

    Gee, if it's not a Hutch, you probably don't want it then. Who would ever want a cobalt, embossed, 1870ish, pre-hutch era bottle?:o
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    Western Mineral Water Co. / St. Louis, Mo.

    Another great peice of bottle history with associated bottles and bottle go-withs... Thanks for posting the story.
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    Detroit Demolition Find again, Part 2?

    Nice!!!! Are you digging yet?
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    Wellston Bottling Works/Town Crier Bottling Co./St. Louis, Mo

    Great investigative work putting this story together... well done
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    Detroit Demolition Find.

    Nice find, any way you could locate the privy and dig?
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    Found the OLD dump on the 1860s farm.

    Can't wait to see what you pull out of this dump... we're all sitting on the edge of our seats
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    Old well or privy?

    I agree with CanadianBottles. Try to dig a foot or two into the pit to see if you come up with any shards or other indicators of what these may possibly be
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    worth the price?

    Always take a close look at the milks... some of them bring big $$
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    Blue Ink or Glue Bottle

    Hard to tell with the top missing, but I agree with CanadianBottles… it appears to be a medicine. Where did you find it? Anymore/other bottles in the same vicinity?

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