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    Wax Sealer 1/2 gallon

    Gorgeous color. Congrats!
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    Green Safety Valve set

    Hi Folks. My buddy has this set of green Safety Valves. I'm sharing the pic with you. I've never seen a quart or half pint before. It's a beautiful set. Best regards to all. Paul
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    Marble reconditioning

    Unfortunately when you polish with a machine the pontils are gone. Here is a pic of an onionskin marble that I dug in a privy in 1997 in LaPorte Indiana. It was a 7 footer that I dug by myself. As I was knocking down the walls on the way up this marble came rolling down. I just reached out...
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    Marble reconditioning

    last pic
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    Marble reconditioning

    another pic
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    Marble reconditioning

    Hey Folks. I used to tumble bottles and jars and have always wanted to try reconditioning a marble. I finally was able to try this. These are my first three reconditioned german handmade glass marbles. I know there is a lot to learn but it was fun doing this. I'm hooked. I would only...
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    German Handmade Marbles: Latticinos

    Hi Sky! Very nice marbles. Thank you for sharing with us. Paul :)
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    Happy birthday Jamie! It was #60 for me also on Monday.
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    Thank you all for the nice BD wishes. I am on vacation right now & had a great day. Best regards to all & good luck finding collectibles that you love for your collections. Paul
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    Congrats to you and Nina Jamie.
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    While on my way to a dig site......

    Nice Jack, congrats!
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    New Listings on Ebay!

    Beauties, good luck with your auctions
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    Lowell Mass. Show Find

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    No tailgait at the Norman Heklers this year

    I was planning on attending this it's always the best. Well, maybe next year.
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    Flea market pontils

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    Piso Color variety

    Hi Keith. Nice colors & actually the perfectly clear examples aren't easy to find. Just for your information & everybody else on the forum there are 5 different types of embossing on Piso bottles. From the oldest to the newest. For Consumption // Piso's Cure // Hazeltine & Co The Piso...
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    Selling excess medicines on Fleabay

    Good luck with your auctions. Paul

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