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  1. K

    Storm Damage...

    Here's a look at what Woodstown got slammed with last weekend... As you can see, we were pretty unprepared as far as the water goes. There's two lakes in town; East Lake and Memorial Lake. East Lake's dam had a hole put in it years ago because there wasn't much need to have a lake there...
  2. K

    Digiacomo Blob from Philly

    Dug this one up a few months ago and have had little luck trying to figure out anything about it. It was unlisted on The Sodas and Beers Database until I submitted it and apparently was only circulated for one year (1911) which I'm surprised. I thought blobs were scarcely used around this time...
  3. K

    Heckler's Corn Flask

    Was browsing through the upcoming Heckler's Auction when I saw that they have up a Baltimore Corn Flask. Estimates put it at around $12 to $24K! What do you guys think of it? "113. “Baltimore†And Monument - “Corn For The World†And Husked Ear of Corn Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass...
  4. K

    Cesspits & Privies

    I think I finally located the privy in my neighbor's yard. After thinking about it very hard, I realized my two neighbor's houses and my house are identical and built at the same time; likely by the same contractor. So I went out to where I knew my privy was and lined up into my neighbor's yard...
  5. K

    After flood dig

    Feels good to at least get out there and see some glass that isn't broken...The stuff's all common but it's a helluva lot better than sitting inside all day and having a....pity party? At any rate, I got about two or three hours of digging in before a thunderstorm scared me outta my dump...
  6. K

    What to do down the shore...

    I haven't had anything worth posting as far as digging goes; it's actually been pretty mediocre to say the least. After recently getting back from a trip to Sea Isle City for a few weeks I took some photos I thought someone may be interested in seeing. I'm an avid kayaker and when I'm not...
  7. K

    Legend in a Lake

    I was working at my grandmothers the past few days trimming hedges and cutting back plants (very peaceful by the way...) Well anyway, my grandmom and i don't get to see each other very often and she's a very interesting person to talk to. We got onto the topic of bottles and digging along with...
  8. K

    Old labels + old bottles

    I was digging the other day and came into a stash of about 8 to 10 tall green bottles. Thanks to cyberdigger, I was able to get eight paper labels no charge and as promised, I threw on some pictures of the finished product. Even though they're not historically accurate, I was going to recycle...
  9. K

    May be a bit odd of a question

    I know I keep finding myself posting in here a lot but I've just got one more for you guys [&o] Here's the dad bought me my first truck before I get my license in a few months. It's a 2000 Chevrolet S10. It's got some damage to the rear but I'm guessing we're going to make it a...
  10. K

    Applying Paper Labels

    Thanks to cyberdigger, I have come into contact with some awesome labels to put on some slicks I've found. I'll end up giving them out as gifts to people who let me dig. Is there a way to apply a label onto a slick bottle without creating a visible residue that goes through the label and/or...
  11. K

    Looking for labels

    Hey all, I recently came into a stash of green, tall beverage bottles while digging. I have about 10 of them and am looking for some soda or beer labels to stick on a few just to give out as permission gifts. They can be anything really; the bottles are 9 1/2" tall and 2 1/2" in diameter...
  12. K

    Off! Clip-on

    Anyone ever use one of these before? The thought of never having to spray bug repellent on my poor soul again really makes me motivated to try one of them out. It apparently offers full body protection from the little terds and is reusable with little disks you put into the fan. I'd be...
  13. K

    Strange Hutter/Lightning stopper

    I thought this kind of wire bail stopper is a little strange. It's clear glass and was made by Whitall Tatum which leads me to believe it may be an apothecary bottle. But if it was one why would a wire bail stopper be needed? What is the different between glass and porcelain that would make it...
  14. K

    Not too sure...

    At first I thought this was a sprocket for a bike but I was proven wrong when I actually found one and compared them...It reminds me of a door latch but it's circular? About 5 inches across with a key-looking thing hanging out the side. Any suggestions? Good doggy....
  15. K

    Chero-Cola twist from Columbus

    Hey guys. I don't usually post here but today I found a Chero-Cola that isn't like the other ones I've seen. It's a deco design (ABM of course) that twists down. It's from Columbus, Georgia...a little far away from where I am. Is it common to find these types of Cheros from that area? I like the...
  16. K

    Bottles in Coves

    Mornin' guys. Summer vacation is finally here; and I can't wait to get out and find some bottles [:)] I love in close proximity to the Delaware Bay. I was looking at Google and Sanborn maps and found a small cove in a town and was wondering if it would be worth searching there. The only problem...
  17. K

    Finishing Tool

    Just got this in the mail from Mr. Bill Lindsey, creator of the bottle website that is an important resource for anyone in the bottle collecting hobby. At about 12 inches long, this finishing tool is a bit smaller than other ones. It looks like it would have finished off blob style lips...
  18. K

    Silly me

    Today I was originally scheduled to have flying lessons at a local airport but the flight instructor wasn't able to make it. Oh well, some reworking of the agenda and we left. I figured I had some time left over and I'd drive over to a stretch of train tracks that I'd been itching to check out...
  19. K

    NJ seashore bottles wanted

    Looking for any bottles from the following New Jersey seaside towns Sea Isle City Ocean View Atlantic City Ocean City Strathmere Mays Landing Cape May If you have 'em, I want 'em [:)]
  20. K

    Air bubbles in glass

    I was thinking about this the other day; The air bubbles in the glass that we all either love or loath. Since that bubble is sealed, is the air inside of that bubble still original? Is it possible that an unbroken glass bubble has 120 year old air inside of it still trapped, or is it likely to...

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