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    Weissport Pa collection

    Here is my local Weissport pa bottle collection. I am in need of the following. If you have any please contact me. C.nusbaum iron Pontic soda j.t.nusbaum & brothers Camden glass works soda f.nusbaum Weissport , double collar j.t. Nusbaum and bros mineral waters blue (a mint example of the...
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    Wanted- Pa

    Looking for any of these great pa squats, if you have any of these, message me and lets see if we can work something out! any help is appreciated!!1.E & M'M- MAUCH CHUNK 2.B.M'GEE- MAUCH CHUNK 3.J.C.FEILD- MAUCH CHUNK 4.P.SHARKEY- MAUCH CHUNK 5. P.CALAHAN- MAUCH CHUNK - Any other soda or beer...
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    Here is my local collection that ive been able to get so far and have been very happy with! Squats from left to right1. W.SIEGFRIED / WP 2. T SIEGFRIED 3. J.M.C.M. MAUCH CHUNK / UNION GLASS WORKS- iron pontil 4. W.SIEGFRIED WALNUTPORT / UNION GLASS WORKS-iron pontil 5. J.T.NUSBAUM & BROTHERS / N...
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    W.siegfried W.P

    I'm looking to trade this w.siegfried from walnutport pa. Anyone local around here know this a tough one to get. Let me know if anyone is willing to trade or has any further questions
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    Fun dig!

    Got out With THE BADGER the other day. we dug for a few ours and ended up with two really cool bottles! The first one out was a Small Saphire blue medicine W.M.Hooker I didn't get a picture of it because i didn't get it in the pick. I did get this bottle though in the pick. Its a cigar figural...
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    Selling off part of the collection

    Heres the link Thanks :)
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    Face Book Link

    Hey all of ABN not sure how this will work, or if it even will but I've created a closed group on facebook for Antique Bottle Collectors... I made it so you can show off your digs, bottles, collections etc. I thought it might be of interest to some so here is thine...
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    Big Marble

    Got this marble from my grandparents ....its a pretty big one. Anyone know what it is and the value of a marble like this, i know pretty much nothing about marbles except that they are cool when you dig em lol...any help is appreciated thanks
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    Went to an auction today and got this beauty. W.Siegfried Walnutport pa, Iron pontil, Union Glass works phila on the back. This is the number 1 bottle that i needed for my local collection and i finally got one, and its in FANTASTIC condition..enjoy
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    G.H.Person & Bro Delhi NY

    got this off ebay. Ive never heard of it, it got a cool shape to it, anyone know if its rare or not? It has two Large Block X's on the back.
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    7 Nice pontils from auction...(PIC HEAVY)

    We went to an auction today...I wish i would have got a little more but what i got is still good in my book.Here they are, The first one isDr. A. Rogers Liverwort Tar& Canchalagua A.L. Scovill & co New York. ( I friken Love the top on this thing)
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    Flea Market Flask

    went to the flea Market again today and picked up this strap sided flask. It is a pint. Its embossed.L.Lehman 464 Broad St Newark N.J. Branch Stores Dover Elizabeth. I cant find anything on it. Anyone know if its common or what? Thanks for the help, -Lildigger
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    Picked up another

    Philada Glass Works Burgin & Sons , Smooth base
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    New Local

    Got another nice local.. J.T.Nusbaum 1862. Either from weissport or lehighton...his other bottles are embossed weissport...Thanks again Bob for this great bottle!
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    Some stuff on ebay..

    Sorry if anything is over priced...just trying to make a little..
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    Odd way to abbreviate philly?

    So i picked up thisnice pontil med abut 3 weeks ago at the flea market its embossed Russell and Schott druggists PhilAa with two A's? ive just never seen philly abbreviated like that? Anyone got any ideas why?
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    A hutch and squat i never got to post...

    A Local Hugh P.Mcfadden In green.
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    Another good flea market find...

    Only got one today at the flea market....the only really nice one. GXIII-46 Sheaf of wheat & Tree open pontil
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    Dushore PA hutch

    So i got this one a while ago and it is embossed F.H.FARRELL DUSHORE P.A in a tombstone slug plate. the bottle is in mint condition...i am looking to sell it but do not know what to ask for it, anyone know?
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    John F. Betz blob top

    An aqua John F. Betz & Co LIMITED phila, pa, great condition with no chips or cracks...25.00 shipped

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