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    Old bottle from the FL keys

    LOVE IT!!! Leave AS IS!!! :)
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    Wow this place is dead lately

    Hey Everyone!!! It has been crazy here in Alabama over the last couple of weeks! I am sure you have heard about it! We were absolutely shut down for a couple of days! The ground turned into ice and we are not able to cope with weather like that. There were people stuck in their cars for 18 plus...
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    Two word game

    Re: RE: Two word game Story time!
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    Bluff City Bottling Co. Memphis Tn.

    Thanks! I searched it, but must have used the wrong key words or something, Idk. Anyway, thanks. :)
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    Old Man's Private Poison

    I have found several that look just like this one but the decoration on the cork is different.
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    Bluff City Bottling Co. Memphis Tn.

    Hey guys, I am not up to date on who collects what, so I figured I would ask if anyone has any interest in this hutch. It is at a local flea mall and I wouldn't mind picking it up for anyone who collects from this city or what not. I do NOT have this in my possession but I liked it a lot so I...
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    Paterson.... NEW YORK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Awesome!!! That was very kind of you Jim! It is so cool to think that there are bottles out there that have never been discovered!
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    Old Man's Private Poison

    Reads: "Lay off this is the old man's private poison" The head/shoulders are attached to the cork. :)
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    Old Man's Private Poison

    Hey guys, this was given to my mom and I thought I would share. I have seen some variances of this bottle, one with a naked woman on top and then one with a skull. Anyone know why I can't seem to find this particular one? Thanks!~Wendy
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    5th Annual ABN Christmas Bottle Exchange

    Re: 2013 ABN Bottle Exchange I'm in. Sending info now. I may not be able to check the forums a lot but I am in.I don't have any specifics I collect. Just anything pretty and old. Haha :)
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    Where are the number of posts each of us had?

    I can see your number of post. Rick, yours says: Total Posts : 15982
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    I Hate Halloween

    Re: RE: I Hate Halloween I love halloween, I wish it didn't have so much negitive stigma around it. It was always a happy, family oriented holiday for my family. My dad would let the tail gate down and drive us around ALL night! Back then you would trick or treat until 11 or 12, now it seems...
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! God bless!!! Happy Anniversary, you both seem like amazing people!
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    local stoner

    Very cool!!! [:D]
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    Indian trees- secret hidding spot from gold mining days...

    This is very cool. My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee, you would think I would know things like this, but when she was alive, I was very young and she creeped me out to be honest. I need to ask my grandmother about it. I bet she knows of some things. When my brother was a baby...
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    Geared Corona Corn Mill

    I am almost positive my step dad has one of these on their farm, I will try to remember to ask him about it tomorrow!
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    New guy here - excited to collect bottles, just need some steering

    Just try to get it in the closest category as possible and take a lot of good pictures. They want to see the lip, seam, and the bottom. Also any and all embossing. I think that is it, right Jim? haha Oh, and also, try to get it in natural lighting. You may know all of this and I may be...
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    New guy here - excited to collect bottles, just need some steering

    Hi Nick! I am still new at bottle collecting, and I have been at it for about 10 months now. I think the main thing i could tell you from experience is do NOT expect to know it all any time soon! It still takes me quite some time to pin point stuff I find and even then I usually have to enlist...
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    You'll like this.

    He has an amazing voice. This reminds me of music I listened to growing up, my dad listened to this type of music, music that actually tells a story. Really cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    eBay hack...

    HAHAHA! [:D]

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