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    Donald Duck bottle- But Small??

    Hey guys Ive learned to use the search function before posting. But.....I cannot find another Donald Duck soda bottle like the one I found today. It is alot smaller than the 6.5 ounce soda bottle it is next in this photo. It measures 5.5 inches and has an embossed Donald Duck head logo on...
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    CRASS Pale Dry?? - new finds

    Hello fellow collectors. Today I was able to excavate another few square feet of this old dump. We have found milk, soda, bleach, and many others dating from 1930s to 1948. So Here is a very thick Green CRASS PALE DRY (ginger ale?) bottle. It says CRASS on bottom. On front are embossed...
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    Milk bottles, Bo peep amonia, fleece white, NEED HELP

    Hey guys, these are some of my new finds. my fiance and I found a dump site deep in the woods where we have been finding singles. But there are ALOT of old bottles out there that we havent taken yet. This is what we could carry back today. We will bring a backpack next time. haha -RICHMOND...
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    MoonShine shack finds

    Well, I live in VA in a wooded area. I found out there was an old shack deep in the woods in town that was used for making moonshine back in the day. Not too many people know about it nowadays, So I took my dog for a walk out there and found a bunch of Mason jars and small bottles. Any opinions...
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    HELP---CLIMAX Ginger Ale??

    Hey Guys, I frequently walk my dog deep in the woods and find bottles and bring em home. Today I found a Green One Quart size CLIMAX Pale Dry Ginger Ale bottle and reads "family size". It has a date of 1948. It says Climax beverage Co, Richmond VA on the bottom. It looks like a bowling pin. It...

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