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    Need Help/Advice..thanks!

    Hello Forum, I recently acquired about 90 old dug bottles from late 1880's and early 1900's that I am still in the process of cleaning etc. They are old medicine bottles ( Dr. Jaynes Expectorant etc. ), food jars, flasks ( a lot of warranted ones), whiskey bottles, wine, inks, shoe polish...
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    1901 3 seams

    Hello Forum, I recently acquired about 90 bottles that were dug up in northern PA. I am in the process of cleaning them....hard work!!! Below I've posted a photo of a clear bottle that stands about 5 1/2 inches tall, has 3 seams that go up to the lip. and the base reads Pat. April 2nd...
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    McCann "Hokara"

    Hello Forum, I recently dug up a clear small, 3" tall, bottle with a lip of 1 1/4" diameter that reads J.D. McCann Co, " Hokara", Hornell,NY. It has a fine seam that goes up to the top of the lip. I could not find any info on this bottle on the internet. I'll post a photo as soon as I can...
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    hayner 1897

    I've got a clear Hayner whiskey bottle that is 12" tall and in good condition. No chips or major cracks...a hairline crack within the lip and a ding 1/4" long on base. It's got a lot of residue on the inside since it has not been cleaned except for soap and water. It's embossing reads Hayner...
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    perfume bottle?

    I would appreciate any information on this clear glass bottle that stands approx. 3" tall. It was dug up under a farm in PA. It has no marks. I've posted some photos below. thanks so much!

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