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    Bluff City Bottling Co. Memphis Tn.

    Hey guys, I am not up to date on who collects what, so I figured I would ask if anyone has any interest in this hutch. It is at a local flea mall and I wouldn't mind picking it up for anyone who collects from this city or what not. I do NOT have this in my possession but I liked it a lot so I...
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    Old Man's Private Poison

    Hey guys, this was given to my mom and I thought I would share. I have seen some variances of this bottle, one with a naked woman on top and then one with a skull. Anyone know why I can't seem to find this particular one? Thanks!~Wendy
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    eBay hack...

    Hey guys, just giving you a heads up which I am pretty sure all of you know to look for. Someone ordered something from my eBay and I have automatic payment sent up on my account so it went straight through. It was only for like $4.35 but I am assuming it was to test the waters to see if I would...
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    So, I have recently acquired a new kitten.... I use the term kitten very loosely. She acts more like a human than most humans I know. She is a Minx. I was typing a story for Literature and I look over to see this: I was wonder if you guys and gals have any pictures of you OWN animals that...
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    I think they are neat

    So, my daughter has become quite the... how shall I put it.... thrift shopper? While at an estate sale, she came up to me with something in her hand. She had the funniest look on her face. When I asked her what was up she quietly said "Look, they are only $5!" I paid the lady and went to a...
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    Estate sale, may not be much

    Hey guys, I found these, along with tons of white, black, clear green and clear blue at an estate sale, figured I would ask y'all about them, anything worth keeping or is it okay to feed them to the wolves, aka my kids... lol
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    Hey guys! I picked up a few things from an estate sale Friday. One thing was a big jar full of marbles, which I just thought were neat, they probably have no value. My son liked them a lot. The next thing was an old pair of opal earrings. Then I stopped at a yard sale and found a Dr.Pepper...
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    Round Bottom Bottle

    HI everyone!!!! I have not been shopping/looking for bottles in a while and I wasn't really looking for this one today, just happened across it at a thrift shop. I don't think its worth much, but I like it! I thought I would share. It has a neat swirl in the bottom of the glass. I will put up a...
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    Hi Strangers! Sorry I have been MIA for a while now! Busy, busy, busy! I hope everyone is doing well! I was doing some thrift shopping with my kiddos and came across something that peaked my interest. It may not be worth a dime, but I would like to know more about it anyway, if anyone knows...
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    Some soda bottles

    Hey guys, I have some new soda bottles, Ignore the ones in the front row, I have had those a while. =) I am not much of a soda collector but I found these at a thrift shop so I couldn't resist. haha I hope y'all like them. I know the picture quality isn't the best but it was storming here...
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    Roper Dairy Farms

    I have tried to find info about a bottle but I can not even find info about the farm it came from. Do you guys have any info? It is one pint, slug plate and it reads: ROPER DAIRY FARM SPECIAL RAW MILK TRUSSVILLE, ALA It also has 74 stamped into the bottom but the numbers are backwards, so...
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    Even Royalty has to deal

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    Couple of thift store finds

    Hey guys/gals. I found a couple of things at the local thrift store that I thought were neat. Neither have any maker's marks. The first is a old cup, or at least it looks old, any info on it would be great. :) The second one is a glass bowl type thing. It has very delicate embossing, I...
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    How cool would these books be to have? They are law books from the 1800's! Maybe its just me, but I think they are cool. [:)]
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    I guess growing up in the South and having the world's most southern mother, I love meat/potato type meals. I am craving steak. I like my steak medium and they always over cook it! I don't like well done steak like my boyfriend. He likes a lot of his food well done. How do y'all like your...
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    favorite tv shows?

    What are y'alls favorite shows on TV? Mine are Big Bang Theory and THE WALKING DEAD oh, and Conan (the night time talk show) I am taking a break from studying, figured I would watch a little TV.
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    exploring stories?

    I love to explore BUT being a young female it isn't safe to explore alone. My boyfriend agreed to go with me today to explore a camp ground that has been abandoned for, I would say, about 12 years. There is a large creek that runs beside it and the land surrounding the creek floods so I was...
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    I think it would be neat to have an app for my phone for this site. Is that possible? What is the cost to even start an app? I am out and about a lot of times and wish I could upload pictures to the site but can't because my phone will only open a certain number of windows at a time. Do...
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    Thrift stores

    Is it just me or have thrift stores gotten out of control on their prices. I don't know about where y'all live, but here they are very proud of their stuff........ Maybe I am just really cheap....[8|]
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    I bought this because I liked the embossing. I can't find any info on it though. I am sure its probably some common bottle and I am just typing in the wrong thing or something... Sorry if that's the case but I tried to find it..... It reads: Strontium Taraf-Javal Taria I think...

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