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    I would be interested in knowing agent origin of this car boy that I just got it’s a little nicer than your average one I posted in before 1900 but suspect it could well be after that even though it’s very crude and has a big pencil on the bottom I always think these are probably European in...
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    Cobalt blob top quart beer

    I recently got this bottle not too unusual except for the color it is embossed in slug plate from Dr. hale’s sanitarium Eaton Rapids Michigan Reverse is embossed with the standard this bottle not to be sold it is about 13 inches high and looks to be quart size Can’t find any bottles from Dr...
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    metal detector yard find

    I borrowed a cheap metal detector last spring and found a few silver coins, a bunch of modern change, and about 30 pounds of scrap iron and other metal in my yard. It was fun, so I just bought a Fisher F2 detector. Not much I can do with it right now with the snow and ice, but I took it out for...
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    Detroit Crock

    Here is an interesting crock I got among a lot of other stuff during a craigs list estate cleanout last summer. It's 1 gallon and has what is by far the most impressed wording on the back shoulder I have ever seen on a crock Moore & Foote, wholesale dealers in groceries, provisions, whitefish &...
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    smallest bottle

    I can't get the link to work, but someone on Toledo, Ohio craigs list under antiques currently has what is purportedly the smallest bottle ever blown in an automatic machine. Thought this might be of interest to someone to look and comment on, but not to buy as it is beyond over priced.
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    G Myers Barnesville, Ohio jug

    I was first to arrive at a yard sale yesterday morning with the usual baby stuff and made in China junk when I spotted a group of crocks and jugs under a table. Mostly just common brown and white stuff, but I found this one G Myers (could be Hyers) & Co. Dealers in Dry Goods Groceries & C...
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    Dr. Fisch at a yard sale

    So the yard sales have not been that great this year, but there was one last week that advertised old bottles, so I arrived an hour early to find a picnic table full of screw top milk o mags and federal law forbids booze bottles, the typical yard sale stuff along with a closed garage door. I...
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    what kind of metal detector to buy?

    I know there was a post about this a long time ago on here, but I don't know if anything has changed since then. A friend let me borrow a pioneer 101 bounty hunter detector which I know is a cheap model. So far I have found a 1956 silver quarter and about 1.50 in change in my yard. I would like...
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    C.L. Centlivre, Fort Wayne, Ind qt beer

    Here's a quart beer that I picked up at a yard sale a while ago. Embossed C.L. Centlivre (in arch) above Fort Wayne, IND. (straight line). embossed This bottle not to be sold on back, and C&I on bottom. I see a lot of Centlivre bottles online, but I can't find this one. Is it a good one?
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    stoneware what is it

    Heres a strange stoneware thing that I've had for many years. It measures 6" tall not including wooden dowel and cork. the dowel is fastened in the bottom with rubber or something similar, allowing it to move. Way to small for a churn, and the mouth of the crock doesn't allow for enough movement...
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    GE amber lamp globe

    I had a yard sale this past weekend and a friend brought this with his stuff and I bought it for $4 because it is unusual. Heavy glass cylinder with both ends ground, and a GE logo etched on both sides. I found something similar on ebay with a greatly inflated buy-it-now price, but they don't...
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    Figural soldier bottle

    Here's another recent 50 cent yard sale pick up. I'm always annoyed at the 10am yard sales as I have work and other things to do. This one did not open early and advertised bottles, so I stopped on way home from work to look thru the picked over remnants. "Oh, we had a lot of bottles but most...
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    Baumans Blue Bags Jelly Quick

    Here's a very odd jar I got at a yard sale today. It is ABM, clear, 4.5" tall and embossed on shoulder Baumans Blue Bags and Jelly Quick on other side. The size and form do not seem right at all for pectin. It kind of looks like a store display jar but seems way too small for that. The lid...
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    $3 yard sale find

    I was out on my regular Friday morning yard sale rounds, big new subdivision sale this weekend, thankfully the garages face the street so I can just drive by the baby and kid sales. I got a few decent things but just when I get ready to leave another sale opens. I spot a box with a couple jugs...
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    French plates

    The town of Garrettsville, Ohio is having community wide sales this weekend, officially starting tomorrow but I went this morning and there are a lot open today. There will be 200+ sales tomorrow. I got some stuff this morning including these plates which I cannot find any information on. I know...
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    unknown lid

    I bought these 2 Mason's Improved (hero and CFJ) at a sale today for $2 each. Common I know but I like them. The CFJ jar has a lid that I don't recognize and that I'm sure doesn't belong to the jar. Here are the jars
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    I'm far from knowledgeable about this type of bottle, but the color, base wear, and ground off spot next to the pontil look very suspect to me. I remember something on the forum not long ago, I think, about some of these recently made at Hale Farm, which is near me...
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    What is it?

    Here's a heavy stoneware something. Found in an institutional dump from about 1915-40 age. The old Cuyahoga County home/hospital which at one time was a working farm with lots of land but now has been replaced by a huge cookie cutter yuppie hotel/retail/office ugly development along I-271...
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    Here is some of my modest stoneware collection. I've had good luck finding crocks and jugs, much more so than bottles as a lot of pottery was made in this area. A few are dug, but most are from yard sales, and several I found in the crawl space of my previous house.
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    shard ID

    I found this shard in my garden this morning. There is a CB monogram and it looks like there is a shield around the monogram. Heavy amber glass, looks like it was a bottle base but there's not enough left to tell. My house was built in 1870. I don't find a lot of real old glass pieces here, but...

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