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  1. Roney

    Digging in the dump of an old farmhouse

    Digging bottles is so relaxing to me. Not only does it get me in a Zen zone, but it also satisfies my instant gratification issue.
  2. Roney

    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    When vacationing at the beach during the summer, I would get up just before sunrise and walk through parking lots at bars and hotels. You would be surprised how much cash and other stuff I would find.
  3. Roney

    Looking to Dig along local Creek

    If there are steep banks check them out. People used to dump down hills. Also try probing sandy or clay areas in the bed.
  4. Roney

    St. Patrick’s Day Sodas

    Man, I never find any good colors. Aqua, amber and cobalt. Beautiful bottles!
  5. Roney

    Wanted to share.......

    Check out the website Crown Jewels of the Sky
  6. Roney

    Wanted to share.......

  7. Roney

    Bottles found in Chesapeake bay

    My sons girlfriends dad is a Waterman, he pulls them up quite often.
  8. Roney

    Bottles found in Chesapeake bay

    These bottles were recovered while dredging for oysters in the Chesapeake bay. Does anyone have any insight on the strap side with the AL logo?
  9. Roney


    You have every right to be stoked, that's what makes this such a wonderful hobby. Just like the day that I find my vaseline lemon squeezer in one piece!
  10. Roney

    Best bottle brush for cleaning the inside of bottles?

    I use coarse sand with a little water and maybe just a drop of dishwashing liquid. Just shake vigorously.

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