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    Old Bottle, Value?

    I am supposed to find out a value of this bottle for a friend. It is in great shape. The glass is from the 20s to 30s. [attachment=jtl bottle.jpg]
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    Washing Machine

    I helped my neighbor out by removing this old washing machine from her barn. I think it's from the late 60s? [attachment=DSC05947 (1024x768).jpg] [attachment=DSC05949 (1024x768).jpg]
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    Ethics Question

    So today I found an abandoned house. It is in the woods. On what used to be the lawn, there are two milk crates full of bottles. The house has two partially collapsed sheds. There is also an old toy truck in one of them. There are lots of newspapers from the mid 90s in the sheds. The property...
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    20 Dump

    So the other day I found this dump in the woods. On the way out there. [attachment=DSC05918 (800x600) (640x480).jpg]
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    60s Dump Finds

    I found a couple of signs that I think everyone can appreciate. [attachment=DSC05848 (550x413).jpg]
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    New (Old) Truck

    I was recently given a second truck. It was a farm truck that was no longer in use and was no longer wanted. 1988 F250 diesel.[attachment=DSC05797 (640x480) (300x225).jpg]
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    Great Yard Sale Day

    Went to a yard sale today and bought a couple boxes of bottles. Got a few that I think are unusual. Fellows, clear Hood's Sarsaparilla, Dr. Kilmer's, Dr. Jayne's, Dr. Bell's Pine Tar, Dr. Jayne's with label. [attachment=DSC05756 (640x480).jpg]
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    Buffalo Ammonia

    I posted this specimen a while back when I first purchased it. However at that point we were unable to prove whether or not this particular example was genuine or a counterfeit. Has anyone ever seen another one of these? It is a nice piece but I think the label looks too good. The bottle itself...
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    A Few New Ones

    A few new ones that I now have in my collection. I received them as Christmas presents.[attachment=DSC00213 (640x480).jpg]
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    New Stuff

    Haven't been on in a while. Here is some stuff that I have acquired since my last visit.[attachment=DSC00210 (700x525).jpg]
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    Unknown Toy??

    Brought this back from a 50s dump today thinking that it was part of either a toy boat or submarine. It says EASY in big letters on the sides and STRIKE on the bottom of it in the back. Can anybody identify it? Thanks, Ryan.
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    Berlin Series

    I see these bottles from time to time but what about a pontiled one? Most of the flared lip is gone, but it is still a nice piece. Anyone know if this is a tough one? Thanks, Ryan.
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    $1 Bottles

    Got these at a barn sale today for $1 each. Henry K. Wampole, Burkharot, Cantrell Cochrane, Hayner Whiskey, S. Crabfelder & Co., Ray's, Holland Wine Co, Frostilla, and Moulton's Pharmacy.
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    Yard Sale Pickups

    Got these at a yard sale in town. Probably nothing rare, but at $2 each I couldn't pass them up! Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, Z. F. Campbell Pharmacist, A. J. Flagg M.D. Physician & Surgeon, H. H. Ricker & Co., Piso's Cure, and XXX Flavoring Extracts.
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    Poison Jug

    Got this Poison Jug today with some bottles. It's in pretty good shape on this side. Anybody know anything about it?
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    Pot Lid Found

    Found this pot lid today at a 40s dump. It says 2 gallons on it. At first when I found it I thought that it was broken, but I wonder if maybe the holes were for a spoon? Does anybody know anything about it?
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    Old Rusty Thing

    Found this in a 40s dump today. Looked cool, so I brought it back. Anyone know what it is?
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    New Pickup

    Got these at a yard sale this morning. Winona Dairy, Stone Crest Farm, Hymosa, Brown's Sarsaparilla, H.T. & Co., and Essence of Smart Weed. RYAN.
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    Looking For Some Opinions

    This is quite random, but I need some advice on this. Does this look like a good foundation? Thanks for any info.
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