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  1. BellwoodBoys

    Latest Mineral Water (It's Blue!!!)

    Found this at the Manville Bottle Show over the weekend. I'm not usually the one to dabble with high end bottles, have always been more of a local bottle kind of guy, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy this. Embossed J&A Dearborn, New York on the front with Mineral Water D This...
  2. BellwoodBoys

    Blob top madness and others

    Although I'm LITTLE late due to a very hectic month, I thought I would upload my finds from the Batsto bottle show. As usual it was a terrific show for buying and selling, which easily allowed me to cover the cost of my purchases which is always a positive[:D]. Highlight of the show was a dealer...
  3. BellwoodBoys

    New Jersey Bottle Forum

    I think Charlie made a post about this website a few years back, but now I can finally say I fully own it!! Best resource possible for New Jersey Bottling history plus PLENTY of bottle pictures.
  4. BellwoodBoys

    NJ Patent WONKY BLOB

    Ocean Grove had its regular postcard yesterday. Luckily buried beneath one of my friends tables was a box of bottles. Picked up 3 local blobs, a Belmar milk, and THIS Embossed C.C Haley, Celebrated California Pop Beer, Newark NJ. The stopper was only used by C.C Haley and is extremely...
  5. BellwoodBoys

    Shupps Grove finds

    Decided to go to the Shupps Grove Bottle Fest last weekend. I Haven't been to the show in 2 years and thought a visit was long overdue. I was truly surprised with the amount of New Jersey stuff that was at the show! Was able to pick up some nice blobs for the collection as well as an extremely...
  6. BellwoodBoys

    new bottle pickups

    Over the weekend I stopped by a friends house to buy bottles for resale. I ended up getting new bottles for my collection and about 100 common patent and prescription medicine bottles that will be for sale in Ocean Grove. Here are the finds for my collection. 2 peppersauces and a Morton Got one...
  7. BellwoodBoys

    Ocean Grove Flea Finds

    Well I woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday for a "genuine" experience of Ocean Groves humongous flea market. Made some great finds early on, however; my best finds however came right as the market was about to close. Apparently at 9:30 a privy digger from JC came with about 100 bottles. Glad I got a...
  8. BellwoodBoys

    Info on a hutch

    Anybody know the rarity or any information on this hutchinson? Embossed O'Brien bros, Haverstraw, NY
  9. BellwoodBoys

    Tylersport Bottle show finds

    I came to the show with one goal in mind, and that was to trade for NJ blob tops. I entered the show with a box filled with meds, milks, and paper documents. I left the show with a box half full of blobs and most of the stuff that I brought so I considered it a very sucessful trip! Charles Hauck...
  10. BellwoodBoys


    Hello Everyone, I've been offered some very nice bottles over the past month and need to get rid of some of my stuff so I have room and money to incorporate new shore bottles into my collection, You can pick these up at the Tylersport pa bottle show on the 29th or I can ship these to you. I'm...
  11. BellwoodBoys

    Got Some Stuff Recently

    I did some trading and visited a good friends booth at an antique center and think I made out pretty well.McDonald & co Eatontown, E.B Randolph South Bound Brook, Santangelo and Mazzocca Red Bank George Ellenberg Fair Haven, Paul De Nucci Long Branch, A McNamee Hightstown, John P Meyer Freehold...
  12. BellwoodBoys

    WAWA dairy gill

    I picked this up awhile ago just because of its diminutive size. I was wondering if anybody has information on this dairy? The embossing is very faint but inside the shield it says Wawa Dairy.
  13. BellwoodBoys

    Last Saturday Finds

    Found 4 new ones last Saturday that I needed for the shore bottle collection. E.L Tilton Allenhurst NJ, Coast Mineral Waters Asbury Park, NJ, Magnum Bonum Asbury Park NJ, Kinmouth Pharmacy Asbury Park, NJ Here's a closeup of my favorite. Love the wonky top and the tombstone embossing.
  14. BellwoodBoys

    My Current Display

    Currently I have a dopey little white bookshelf that I display my favorite bottles on. I have most of my bottles boxed up in the garage until I can put up new shelves. Here's the current display Here's the FUTURE, I have enough of these to cover about 2 walls. Now I just need some time to get...
  15. BellwoodBoys


    Well Manville was a huge success, sold more then I bought and got some bottles that have alluded me in the past/ First up the pontils,Penno's mineral water providence ri with graphite pontil, and a fancy 1840's sauce bottle with decorative base and pontilBase of Penno'sBase of sauce bottle
  16. BellwoodBoys

    Small collection for sale (SHOW PICKUP ONLY)

    To make room for new bottle accusations, I'm selling a small lot of stuff that I've had for a few years and don't have interest in anymore. This lot has a little bit of everything, sodas, meds, blobs, milks, and more. $40 takes the lot. You can pick it up at my table at the Manville bottle show...
  17. BellwoodBoys

    Inlet Find

    A few months ago I had nothing to do on a Saturday and decided to go with a friend to a local ice cream parlor, We took my normal walking route which requires walking up a small channel called inlet terrace in Belmar. This place was built around the late 20's and lots of big old craftsman style...
  18. BellwoodBoys

    Mysterious pontilled bottle

    I picked this one up a long time ago at a thrift shop. It has a really odd shape and isn't a crazy color like the Mexican replicas. Just curious to see what age this is and possibly what glasshouse it came from. Here's a shot of the whole bottle
  19. BellwoodBoys

    More new random stuff

    Here's some of the more random bottles I've acquired recently. Bacon the druggist, Dr.Jaynes expectorant (faintest embossing iv'e ever seen on one of these), Aqua anchor flask, amber cereal milk.
  20. BellwoodBoys

    Favorite NJ bottles

    Just starting to get my collection unpacked, and thought i would make an ongoing thread with some of my favorite bottles from around NJ. First up a very rare blob from Port Reading NJ, embossed in the middle C Kruger Extra beer

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