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    New Find

    Pretty sure this is a hundred year old bottle but I don't know what it is.
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    Unknown Bottles

    I'm hoping I can get some information on these two bottles. One of them I think is a beer bottle and the glass one has J Walker, whiskey bottle? I think their made before 1900 or pretty close. Thanks, Dow
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    Civil War Bottle

    This bottle was supposed to have been ground dug at a Confederate camp in Richmond VA. One thing for sure it was ground dug and I think it's 1800,s era. Anyhow I hope the forum experts will chime in.
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    Sake Bottle

    Enclosed are pics of a WWII Japanese Army Sake bottle. Far from pristine it's been there done that with some chips and cracks.
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    Morro Bay CA

    Morro Bay is having their annual bottle show on Fri Mar 18 & Sat Mar 19. This is a small but good bottle show with venders from all over the country.
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    Amber Bottle

    I picked up this cool looking bottle with top the other day at a antique store. I'm not sure how old it is or what it was used for but it is hand blown and has no seams at all on the sides.
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    Belfast Bottle

    Enclosed are pictures of a recent find I liked this bottle because it brought back memories when I was in Belfast during the troubled years back in the mid seventies. I pretty sure this bottle was made around the early 1900's.
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    Palmer Bottle

    Pick this bottle up from a friend today who claims it's 100 hundred years old. I will trust the forum to let me know, anyhow I like the green color. The bottle is not round but more of a oblong shape.
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    Civil War Flask

    Enclosed are pictures of one of my favorite bottles. Most people who have looked at it think it was made around 1860/1880 time frame. Note the unusual short neck.
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    Fire bottle

    I picked up this fire extinguisher bottle a few years ago at the Morro Bay CA bottle show. I liked the eleven sides and the color. I was told they used these around the 1930's time frame. And they were filled with a liquid chemical which aided in putting out a fire. I sure would hate to have...
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    WWII Japanese Medicine Bottle

    I received this bottle as a gift from a good friend whose father served with the Marines during WWII. His father brought back a number of small medicine and beer bottles found in caves at Sapion. The piru hue is unusual I have not been able to match this color with any American made bottle so...
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    Torpedo Bottle

    Enclosed are pictures of a English torpedo bottle I picked up at a local flea market. I have often wondered why they were shaped like this. Someone mentioned it was for easier storage when transporting them which makes sense to me if true.
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    Chinese Medicine Bottle

    I picked up this small bottle today at a flea market I think it's a Chinese medicine bottle. Anyhow I always have a weakness for cobalt color bottles.
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    WWI German Poison Gas

    This might be the ultimate in poison bottles Diphenylchlorasine-Gas. the Germans used this bottle in their 77mm projectiles during WWI. And only a few survived a recent discovery in Europe unearthed these bottles.
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    American Eagle Whisky Flask

    I could not turn down this bottle for $5 I believe it fairly old due to the hand blown neck. Anyhow I trust the forum can give me more info.Thanks

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